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 moved & haven't received w-2 in the mail, but available online...?
I have moved a couple times since I quit a job and haven't received my w-2 yet. However, the company went paperless and all my checkstubs and w-2's are available online and wanted to know ...

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 How do Texas car taxes work?
...i bought a new car in june and I thought you're supposed to pay taxes on a car every six months or every year, but I haven't received a bill. ...just wondering, thanx....

 very complex tax question?
my estranged husband has always been self employed.from 1982 to 1994 he never filed taxes,then in 1995 he tried to resolve his problem and filed for all those previous years. needless to say it was a ...

 is revenue the same as profit?

 paying inheritances taxes to usa ?
i have some money coming to me from a relative in the usa
i have citizenship in the usa and abroud as well
i havent lived in the states for many years
do i have to pay tax to the ...

 I want to know the calculation of service tax?
Hai, how the calculation of service tax is made and what are the services which should be considered while calculating the tax....

 do i file tax for the salary from full time employment (3 months) and consultant (7 months) in ITR1 only?
I have two different TDS forms for the full time employment and Consultancy (Salary for the consultancy was from a company). How should i file the tax? Can both the salaries go in ITR1 alone or the ...

 Returning to work, tax codes?
After leaving work in 2001 I have taken up a part time job, the hours each month will alter but this month I did a large amount. My gross pay would have been £650 ish. Normally I have been told to ...

 complete this sentance please-i have purchased a house for rs seventy thousand?
,forty thousand has already been paid,remaining amount,out of rs..............will be paid with in six months....

 The Amount of the 2008 Alaska Permanent Fund Dividends?

 Tax return and back child support!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
This is the first year that the Attorney General's office flagged my wife's ex to intercept his tax return for back child support. If he gets a RAL (Rapid Anticipation Loan) check will the I...

 Can an employee claim exempt even though he is making more than US$900/month?
If a person who has his own business and he pays tax for his business, can he claim exempt for tax withholdings at his other job? Please give detail explanations or website links?...

 How is Corporation tax calculated?
I'm trying to work out if our accountant has paid the correct amount of Corporation tax for last year. However, I am a little confused. We are a small company so pay only 19% CT for last year. B...

 What is the maximum amount you can keep in your ISA before tax?

 college student living home w/ parents, can they claim me as dependent and i dont get stimulous check?
I have been working at a full time job, and filed my own taxes thsi year. but in the beginning when i was still in college, living at home, i was under my parents insurance. does that mean that they ...

 Do I need to use tax software like Turbo Tax?
I don't have any stocks, own properties, or make payments of any form. I rent an apartment and have only been working for a year. However I do have a son but I am unmarried and the mother is ...

 Self Assesment Tax Forms?
My father who is now retired received the above forms for a number of years and almost every year received a £100 fine for sending them in late.
My dad only ever worked P.A.Y.E and not self-...

 is the dividend from HOMBURG eligible for the canadian dividend tax credit?
HOMBURG trades on the toronto stock exchage under the symbol HII.A...

 Adjusted Gross Income for Economic Stimulus Act of 2008?
I have read/seen/heard different things regarding the Adjusted Gross Income Limits for this year's Economic Stimulus package. Does anyone know what the income limit is for married filing ...

will the injured spouse claim delay husbands refund if i had no income(he is injured spouse-i have no income)?
Ok-this is the first year we have filed injured spouse- we go with hnr block-they told(husband and i) that we could e-file and it would take 8-15 days-but since we were filing the injured spouse claim- we had to pay up front- over $300- i called the irs number today- because our money is still not on hnr block emerald card(only been 8 days so far)-i was told when i was checking the status of my refund that i needed to call an irs number- and i called-got a woman who told me that since i had put the injured spouse claim on our refund it would take an additional 8-12 weeks. She was very angry that i was calling before 21 days to check on my refund- but i was only doing that because i was instructed to by the irs number.sorry for the whole story- but my question is this- my husband works-i dont-i had an old student loan default-they dont have me in the treasury offset yet-i checked-we put the injured spouse on-since i have no income 2 allocate will it still slow down e-filed refund alot?
Additional Details
i know it will be delayed- i was wondering if it would take as long to process one where there is no income to allocate from me since i dont work...also- i am in the process of working out a payment plan on my student loan- i didnt know that my ss# has not even been turned in to offset when i did the injured spouse- in this case- where i havent been turned in for offset- AND have no income to allocate-would that help speed the regular delay you get by filing an injured spouse claim with my taxes- we e-filed and filed the form WITH the efiled tax return...thank you so much for your answers so far!!

I agree with Boston that the IRS agent is correct. Filing as an injured spouse means that your return has to be looked at specially, that slows the processing down tremendously.

Deanna D
My husband and I are in the exact situation. I don't work but owe on an old defaulted student loan. We always file the injured spouse form, even though I don't have any income. If you don't file this, they will take his return. In my experience over the past several years of filing this way, it typically takes 6-8 weeks and we also file electronically with itemized deductions.

I'm trying to find out now how this will affect the rebate amount for our family. I don't think that filing the inj. spouse form with income tax alone will cover the problem of receiving the rebate minus my share.

Bostonian In MO
The typical delay for processing Form 8379 is in the 8 to 12 week range if it's filed with the return. If it's filed after the fact I've seen delays as long a 8 months on occasion, with 4 to 6 being typical.

Probably because they have to crosscheck, but probably not by 8-12 weeks. Easiest/smartest thing is to pay your student loan off, get on payment plan. This is your debt and it will haunt you and create problems until it's paid off. Plus that's money which isn't being loaned to other students. If it's in repayment rather than default, there's no problem.
You can go to Where's My Refund at IRS.GOV. All their notices and messages state not to call before 21 days--you probably didn't pay attention to it. Jackson Hewitt doesn't require up-front payment merely because of injured spouse filing.

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