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Terisa S
if my federal return was put on an HRBlock Emerald card, will the stimulus check be deposited on it too?

the tax lady
Check your account history.

If it shows an ACH deposit that says "US TREASURY 220", then yes, you'll get a deposit on the rebate.

from what i heard no, i believe that it will be mailed to because the card was like a rapid loan to get your money faster.

Nope you will receive a check.

Yes ma'am you will. IF your Emerald Card is still active the IRS can DD your rebate back onto your card, but if it has closed it will bounce back. Then you will get a paper check. If you got a RAL 1 or 2 then that will automatically be a paper check.

This can be verified with the IRS at 800-829-1040, press 2 then 3 for a live person.

I put up info about this last night after I spoke with my IRS contact.

if you was given a temporary emerald card when you had you taxes done then you will get a paper check. if you had a temporary card and hr block sent you a new card to replace that one and you had your refund dd then you should get it dd as long as the emerald card is still active. i hope this helps.

Tax Rebate: Will My H&R Block Emerald Prepaid MasterCard® Account Allow for Direct Deposit?

A Tax Fact from The Tax Institute at H&R Block

When The Answer Is Yes
There have been some misunderstandings surrounding the H&R Block Emerald Prepaid MasterCard and whether this account will be considered for Direct Deposit of the Tax Rebate payment by the IRS. So let's try to alleviate some of this confusion.

If you had your taxes prepared at an H&R Block tax office and had your federal tax refund put on the Emerald Card, you WILL receive a Direct Deposit of the Tax Rebate Payment on the Emerald Card account.

Tax Rebate payments will be Direct Deposited for all eligible taxpayers beginning April 28, 2008, four days earlier than originally scheduled. Direct Deposit are based on the last two digits of your Social Security Number. For joint returns, it's the first Social Security Number listed on the 2007 federal return.

For Social Security Numbers ending in:

00 - 20 First wave of Direct Deposits sent to banks Starting April 28
21 - 75 Second wave of Direct Deposits
76 - 99 Third wave of Direct Deposits

When The Answer is No
The Emerald Card will not be considered a viable account for Direct Deposit IF you received a bank product that involved a temporary bank account with the Card. Bank products include Refund Anticipation Loans, Refund Anticipation Checks, Simple Pay, and other settlement products.

If you received your federal tax refund on the Emerald Card through a temporary bank product such as those listed above, you will receive your Tax Rebate payment as a mailed check from the IRS.

Again, the schedule for mailed checks is based on the last two digits of the Social Security Number, and for joint returns, it's the first Social Security Number listed on the 2007 federal return.

Here's the schedule for when mailed checks should be in the mail, NOT in your mailboxes, but in the mail. The dates are:

For Social Security Numbers ending in:

00 - 09 Beginning May 9 and continuing through May 16
10 - 18 On or before, May 23
19 - 25 On or before, May 30
26 - 38 On or before June 6
39 - 51 On or before June 13
52 - 63 On or before June 20
64 - 75 On or before June 27
76 - 87 On or before July 5
88 - 99 On or before July 11

ALL checks for those who filed 2007 tax returns on time are scheduled to be deposited or mailed by July 11. Thanks,

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