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 do you agree or disagree about the tax rebate checks?
i think it's so unfair the way it was decided on when you will get your rebate.i think it should have went solely based on when you filed instead of your last 2 digits of social.b/c who has ...

 How to add the tax to my room?
There is a 13% tax on my room per night and im staying 6 nights. The room without tax is 594...anyone know how to add the tax to that price???...

 Is there anyone scheduled to receive their tax return today and don't have it credited yet?
(2/15, 12:19 EST).

...And is your bank First Citizens bank?
Additional Details
For those that have received their return via direct deposit, does the "Wheres my refund&...

 Are individual people tax exempt?
I work in retail and lately a lot of people have been coming in and saying that they are tax exempt. One woman told me that she was from Canada so she was tax exempt, which sounded ridiculous to me. S...

 Is it true that 40% of Americans don't pay federal income tax? If so, how?
I heard on the news recently that 40% of Americans don't pay income tax at all. Is this true? Because I can't for the life of me figure out how that can be. Do they mean 40% don't ...

 income support question?
if i get a job working ten hours per week say on minimum wage how much income support will i get. i already claim this but do not work. i have a 10 month old daughter. i know i cant claim working tax ...

 I've just started a new job and my tax code is BR. I was taxed ¬£30 on ¬£130 for the week. Is this correct?
What does the tax code mean? In all my other jobs, my tax code was 503L or 522L. I was claiming jobseekers allowance before I started my new job. Does this have anything to do with it?

 tax time do you do them early or wait to the last minute.?

 will i go to jail for not filing my tax this year?
I know I owe the IRS tax . I know its late but i will file my tax before this year ends. Will i go to jail for filing them very late?
Additional Details
Can i file single even if my wife ...

 how much tax would i have to pay for a 2nd job?
I currently work part time (28 hours) and my daughter is due to start school in a few weeks. I want to get a 2nd job now i have abit more time but have been told it might not be worth it due to the 2...

 Is it legal for mother and father to each claim a child on taxes?
I was wondering if anyone knows if it's legal for a b/f and g/f who between the two of them have two children ages 5 and 2 ,to each claim 1 child on their taxes to get the EIC. The mother of the ...

 i just had a baby January 7, 2009 can i claim him on my taxes?

 Is the IRS necessary for the United States Economy to do well???
I think that we have enough taxes (taken from someone elses post)

Accounts Receivable Tax
Building Permit Tax
CDL license Tax
Cigarette Tax
Corporate Income Tax

 where in the world is the best place to live to pay the least tax on income?
what countries in the world can you live where you pay no tax on your income or the least percentage of tax?thanks
Additional Details
thanks!which state in the u.s.,has the lowest taxes,...

 Income Tax return with different name than on pan card?
I changed my name recently and got it updated on employment records. Thus the form 16 has got my new name on it. However I did not change the name on Pan card (forgot !). In which name should I ...

 can child suppurt take Inheritance for past due support?
in wisconsin?...

 Poll: When did you file your return & when do you expect it?
Im reading on here that some people got their returns today & some will get them tomorrow. I though January 30th was the first date?

When did you file?
When do you expect your ...

 Does the United States of America add sales tax onto children's clothes?
Im a student from the UK and I need to know whether tax is added on to children's and babies clothing? In the UK all children's clothes are VAT free so we pay no tax, I didn't know ...

 What happens if you don't do your taxes?
What happens if you don't file taxes, but you don't owe anything?...

 How do I find out who is carrying me on their taxes and how do i get them in trouble?
i havent received any income tax money eversince i was 16 years old and i am 20 years old now..how do i found out who is carrying me on their tax returns and how do i get them in trouble with the IRS....

i filed my taxes with the wrong social security number, what do i do?
I filed my taxes for 2008 at H and R block this year on April 15th. I received my w2 but apparently the social security number printed on it was wrong by one digit, so when I filed, I sent in the wrong social securtiy number. I have a really huge refund I should have by now, what do I do?

Your employer should submit a corrected W2 form and you should file an amended tax return.

1. Notify your employer or former employer. Have them issue a corrected W-2 with the right social security number.
2. File again, using your correct SSN.

One year my father put a wrong SSN for my sister, they sent him a letter telling him he did this and he had to refile.
They will see that the SSN doesn't match the name and they should catch it.
If you are worried then go to the IRS website, find the phone number and call them.

Your filing was probably rejected because the ss# wouldn't match your name in the ss records. Block would have been notified if you filed through them, and should have notified you but with the 4/15 rush sounds like it got lost. Check irs.gov "where's my refund" and see if somehow it did go through, but there probably is nothing there and you'll have to refile it with the right ss#.

Contact them - I'd expect they wouldn't give somebody else the money because all of the other info wouldn't match id the number was wrong.

Don't worry, everyone hates bureaucracy...

File a revised return. Include a copy of your original tax return behind a copy of the new one with the corrected social and include a cover letter summarizing what the error is. You can find a list of addresses on where to send it on www.irs.gov

Fred F
Contact the iRS and get it straightened out.

call the IRS

the tax lady
The W-2 is *part* of the tax return. On the tax return itself, did you use the correct SSN?

The IRS can handle W-2s with the wrong SSN.

If you filed the entire return with the wrong SSN, you need to call and see if the accounts area can fix the number.

Contact the IRS immediately.

Max Hoopla
Your return will not be post-able on the IRS computer system. You should get correspondence asking for a correction. If your W-2 is also wrong, your employer needs to correct it because it is the input document for crediting your Social Security earnings account.

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