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 how can i do my tax return by myself and get most of it?
i usually go to h and r block and they charge us too much, for every piece of paper they charge us!!! so i want to be able to do it myself but not forget anything to use to get more money back.

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 Is it just me but I didn't receive my IRS stimulus check and my last two numbers are 05???????
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 Anyone get an update on Wheres my refund for this year 2010?
I go on the wheres my refund irs site. It indicates that no information can be provided and that they have three weeks to process....

 To those who haven't recieved there refund today...?
If you used taxact I just read on my statement that, "if you are expecting a direct deposit today please wait until 10AM pst (11AM est)" so lets pray that it goes in by this time! H...

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Why is my Federal Refund Status not showing up on the IRS site?
I e-filed my federal return through Turbo Tax, waited a few days and then received notice through the TT site that my return had been accepted and I should receive my refund (on or around) the 29th of February.. But just out of curiosity, I went to the IRS "Where's My Refund" site & entered all my info correctly, just to be informed that they can not give me any information regarding my refund. Well...if it's been accepted, then WHY CAN'T THEY verify this information for me?? Is anyone else having this problem? It's rather annoying. :/

i filed with turbo tax and it was accepted on the 17th, i have checked the irs website, and called the 800 number to check on my refund nothing , no info. i think alot of people will agree with me it is very frustrating when you see on the website that you should be able to check the status of your refund after 72 hours, but then you check it , and it can't tell you nothing. it has been days since i have been accepted. i called the irs, the only thing they could tell me was it is being processed........ does anyone know how long does it take them to process a return?? then, i am usually have alot of patience, but look at everyone who has filed after us, got accepted after us, but yet they know their status of their refund b4 all of us............ that just isn'T right or fair..... the irs should already have had something on my return and all of yalls that were accepted the same day as mine. i filed with turbo tax, and i am not to impressed with turbo tax either, b/c not only am i standing on stand by waiting every minute to hear something about my return from the irs, but i can't even sent my state return in, and i already paid for that as well. does anyone know how often irs updates their wheres my refund website? is it by the hour? at night?

Looks like all of us that got our returns accepted by the IRS on or around Jan 17th are not showing up for some reason.... I used TaxAct as well. And I really am counting on this money! From what others are saying from talking with people at the IRS, we will all be happy on Friday. My fingers are crossed!

Same deal too. Accepted not showing on wheres my refund. Isnt the internet wonderful, being able to confirm with so many people this shouldnt be a problem with the refund date of the 29th. My fingers are crossed.

I called the IRS earlier and talked to a very nice lady. I filed my return with H&R Block software on the 15th and it showed it was accepted on the 17th, however still nothing on WMR so I called the IRS a little while ago and the lady told me that my return had been processed and I would receive my refund DD on 2/5. I asked her why not 1/29 like the schedule shows and she said that is just an estimate and some would not be deposited until 2/5 and mine was one of those.

Im on the same boat here dunno wtf is going on.

Same thing here!! Filed 17 accepted 18th and still nothing on the site. You're not alone. I guess we just have to wait until next Friday and see.

I am frustrated as well but i see i am not alone here. i filed both mine and my boyfriends. his was accepted and being processed already. the wheres my refund site shows they have his. but when i check for mine it shows nothing!~ when i called and spoke to someone they tell me i have no reason to fear. they are just backed up! good luck to us all

every one relax......... go to the wheres my refund site wednesday morning, and you info will be there.............. i.r.s. does major updates the wednesday before direct deposits.... no worries.. trust me.. i stayed at a holiday in last nite!!!!

I am experiencing the same problem and though it is reassurance to see others are having the same problem as mine, it still is very frustrating. I need to know that I will have my money by this Friday. I filed on the 7th of January and my return was apparently accepted by the IRS on the 17th of January. I've checked my status repeatedly and no update on WMR. I also called IRS and the woman I spoke to was kind of nasty with me, but I didn't feed into it, she said that if I don't owe any federal or state agency I should receive my money by the 29th of January. I am hoping to receive a direct deposit this Friday. I am praying because I have so much to do with that check.

I filed my taxes on January 17th and received the accepted email on the 19th. I was able to view my refund status on the IRS website on Jan 21st.....but today it says:

You may not have entered your information correctly. Please verify your personal tax data and try again.

However, if I call 800-829-1954- it states that my return was received and is currently being processed and I should receive my refund on February 2 2010. (according to the cycle chart, it should be 1/29/2010).

Like everyone else that has responded to this question, I to REALLY need and rely on this refund.... but there's nothing else we can do besides be patient and wait. ugh

My friend filed her state on the same day as myself and got HER state refund deposited TODAY! Mine however isnt in my account.... so hopefully peoples monies will be coming soon whether its state or federal.

Wow, this is so crazy. I am in the same boat. I filed on the 15th and mine was not accepted until the 19th. What is up with that!!!!! I see nothing on the IRS website. My state return was accepted on the 17th but the status is still processing. The not knowing is upsetting me.

Jillian B
This is so frustrating. I e-filed mine on the 17th and got an "accepted" e-mail on the 19th. When I check the wheres my refund it gives me the information stating it will be direct deposited on January 26Th (not the 29th as previously thought) and if I dont receive it by the 31st to call the IRS. I also filed my boyfriends on the 14th and got an "accepted" e-mail for him on the 17th but his wheres my refund still has no information. I wonder why mine is giving us infor even though I filed 3 days after him... I just hope we all receive it next friday!!

I also have no info showing despite the acceptance on the 17th. However I almost have to agree with Tax lady, the IRS says it can take up to 3 weeks, the more often we call and speak to a human the more backed up they get and the more chance for a delay...

Paula A
I am also having the same trouble. I did my sons the day before mine and his is showing up. But mine has not. I think I may be calling the irs in the morning.

yes i am having the same problem i filled on the 18th on the H&R Block website and the IRS accept it but when i go on the IRS website it says the same thing so i am just gonna wait till the 29th and see what happens from there hopefully it would be directed deposited in my account

Timothy E
I've had the same problem. I filed my taxes with TaxAct on Jan. 7, and since the IRS was not accepting returns at that time, it was not accepted until Jan. 17. As of today, Jan. 24, my refund status still does not show up on the IRS' Web site. Interestingly, I filed my mother-in-law's taxes on Jan. 17 and it was accepted on Jan. 18. Now, her status is showing up on the IRS' Web site; however, my status is still not there. Apparently, it appears that those of us who filed before Jan. 17 are not able to view their refund status; however, I still hope I receive my refund on Jan. 29. We'll see.

NeCo TonKa
I filed the 14th, accepted the 17th. Also, no info. I was getting worried because I made plans with this money months ago. Now that I see it seems to clearly be "glitch" so to speak, I don't feel so bad. Lets not worry, we will all be a few bucks richer come Friday.

I am confused! I filed on the 17th was accepted on the 18th and there is still no information on WMR or the automated system! So, I called the IRS and spoke with a lady who told me that my return was still being processed and currently has no refund date and it could take up to 3 weeks to complete!!! What the??? Anyone else in this boat??

Just like most of the others I filed my taxes early and they were accepted on the 18th. IRS where's my refund is not telling me anything. I'm just going with the new guideline chart on their website and assuming it will be here on the 29th. At my bank the DD usually goes in at midnight.

I know I know...but I did find some comfort when I found the IRS refund chart that shows when you "should" get your return. the site is obviously not working for many of us so just wait til the 29th, and im sure you will get your money then. dont worry you are not alone!

Same thing here. Nice to know I'm not alone, that does provide some reassurance.

Love my LO!
Where I got my taxes done said my return was accepted by the IRS but their website still says they have no info on my refund so your're not alone, seems like everyone is having problems with it. Dont worry im sure it will be there on the 29th, im assuming you mean Jan 29th.

Tanya J
Thank God I thought they were trying to keep my money from me.its going around all over the u.s and lots of people are mad but the irs did say to me when i called that they were backed up and to still expect a direct deposit date of 1/29/2010.and that the wheres my refund site is not working properly and that sometimes it doesn't put your info on there till after you have received your return.So i hope the best for all of us and that we get our money cause i know i need mines.

I filed efiled via H&R Block Friday the 15th and received an email Sunday the 17th that it was accepted by the IRS. I also don't get a record found when I go to "Where's my refund" ... I'm glad someone posted this question and everyone shared their experience, I was worried!

Thanks everybody.. hope we all get our refund on time.

Amy W
First of all..I completely agree....Tax lady...people on here have concerns, and have a right to discuss them..if you think we're "wrong"..then keep it to yourself.

I'm having the same problem as all of you. I filed at H&R block on the 15th and according to them it was accepted on the 17th, but as of this morning, the 24th, the WMR thing is STILL not showing anything...it's "Supposed" to be direct deposited in 5 days, so I'm getting a little worried here....

Dawn Robertson
i can tell u this every year i file i have my check direct deposited n when i call the where's my refund hotline it always says they have no info on till the day before its put into my account this has been going on for some years now

I got mine accepted on the 17th as well and still nothing showing in Wheres my Refund. I called the IRS and this is what they told me. The gentleman was very nice and said have no fear we will still get our deposits on the 29th. He said the reason some returns are not on the wheres my refund site yet is that they are a little backed up and until our tax return is completely processed it will not show up. He said it may be a few more days before we see any information. The reason why some other people got theirs processed so quickly is that it goes by SSN and by difficulty of the return and he said most of those people must of had easy simple returns or low SSN. Hope this helps everyone!!

It appear the common theme is...if you filed on or before the 15th...and accepted around the 17th...the WMR site isn't showing anything. I assume there was some glitch in either their processing system...or the WMR site. Don't know..but going to hope for the best....

same thing here. . .I efiled through taxslayer on the 15th and got the acceptance from the IRS on the 17th but still have not been able to get any info from the wmr website. I am so frustrated I could cry. I have bills to pay I have been laid off for the past five months and I am a single mom who is at the end of her unemployment weeks and I dont know for sure if this money is gonna be there or not. I hope something changes with the website and the economy picks up soon!

I am glad to see I am not alone with this problem. And "Antonio" I completely agree with you about the tax lady being very rude, the WMR site is experiencing problems- or I should say the IRS is. I originally filed my return on the 15th it was rejected because it claimed I also entered the wrong agi & pin which were in fact both correct, I re-submitted it & was accepted on the 17th but I still can't view my information on WMR. I spoke with an IRS rep. yesterday & he confirmed that there is a glitch with their system that they are trying to fix and that everyone is actually supposed to be able to view their information within 72hrs. like their site says- NOT at least a week or more. But I was also told not to worry we should all have our money on or before the 29th - the rep said just keep checking back until the problem is fixed.

Scott M
Called the IRS and they said they had our return and it was being processed but the fact remains it say on there own website that after 72 hours you can check the status of your return.If these people do not mean this they should removed it from the IRS website or they should do their jobs and make sure after 72 hours people can check the status of their refunds.If we performed our jobs like this out in the general public we would be fired.Sorry for being so skeptical but in this economy and people losing their jobs at a alarming rate people need their refunds and do not need a run around.What the irs did say was check back in a week to see if your tax return was completed.If they are overwhelmed with returns which I am sure they are then hire more people it isn't like you did not know the economy was bad and people were going to flood you with their returns.

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