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 Are they any tax software that offer "rapid refund?" At least about 2 weeks? If any can you please name them?

 How do I look up Levy Premium Foodservice in Chicago,IL 60611 Employer Identification Number to file my taxes
I have tried calling the corporate office to get the EIN (Employer Identification Number).I am to the point where i think these Income Tax places should have a database for this type of things.If ...

 Income tax online?
I hear that I can do the income tax online myself. Is there a safe website where I can do it and where it explains to you step by step? By the way what date is the dead line?, I'm not ...

 "Tax Assisted" Lump Sum Payment?
I have been offered a relocation package from a company and the incidental 'lump sum' payments are tax assisted. What does this mean?


 What is CGT in terms of tax?

 Where can I get fillable new Income tax return form ITR1 & ITR 2 in soft version ?

 Can you request a 1040 or 1040A for 2006 tax year fromHR block even though you only have a 1040X copy?
my attorney needs my wife to provide a copy of her 1040 or 1040A form from HR block. She says they don't have it on file there cuz she did an amendment for that year and she only has the 1040X ...

 im malaysian bought land in uk for 20000 so do i need to pay tax now and later i sell it at 150000 do i paytax

 How do you rectify error in the Balance sheet. IE, the difference in liability side of the Balance Sheet?
Trial Balance....

 Does anyone have a promotion code for Turbo Tax? It would be greatly appreciated! THANK YOU?

 What are the options for Tax planning at 30% Tax bracket( 1 lakh under 80C fully utilised.?
I have used Rs.1.0 lakh leaving a balance of Rs.50,000 available for benefiting, for the house I purchased at Chenni and let out. I work at Bangalore and pay a rent of Rs. 7500 p.m....

 How do I obtain a federal tax number to begin a business?

 Help my school mailed my 2005 1098-T after I filed my taxes last year!?
I received my 1098-T letter (mailed to me on 3/20/06) after I filed last year (2005), because the school included my Spring 2006 term on my 1098-T statement. (Apparently, that's how they do it.)...

 Is there anyway to claim my same sex boyfriend, whom attends college full-time, as a dependent on my taxes?

Additional Details
He does not get claimed by anyone else and is a full time resident of our house while helping raise my 14 yo son....

 I donated a boat 12/30/2005. The charity sold it 07/06/2006. I was sent a 2006 form 1098-C in August 200?
What tax year can I claim this deduction. The 1098-C form is dated 2006 sent in August to me 2006....

 When I reach retirement, can I use my 403b to buy a house without paying tax on the money?
Or if instead of buying a house, I want to buy a retirement annuity, would I have to pay tax on the sum of the 403b and then pay tax each year on the money from the annuity?...

 I wanted to know if i can expect to get anything back on my taxes?
I worked 3 different jobs. I made a total of $25,550.29 and had $2311.31 in federal taxes withheld and $398.53 of State taxes withheld. I am a dependent, no one can claim me and I claim only myself ...

 Where Can I find information on becoming a Tax Assessor?
I'd like to find online classes or information to help study for a Assessors Test. I live in Michigan. There may be an opening I could fill and want to know where to begin....

 Do the amish have to pay property tax?

 personal tax allowance for widows?

circus m
Specifications of non compete clause? For Liberty Tax or H & R Block employees.?
In my contract there was a part that said that after I leave the firm, I cannot work within 25 miles of that branch for 2 years. Does that mean apply to any tax firm or just any firm that's not a part of that franchise? Because there's this other tax preparer at my franchise branch and she also works at 3 other branches of the same franchise.

I am correct in thinking that I would have to work someone 25 miles away for 2 years right?

Are you working for H&ripoff or Liberty? Don't ever sign a contract like that. I'd start my own income tax preparation service.

Do your taxes online. If your return is complex, look up an enrolled agent on the National Association of Enrolled Agents website. Click on "find an enrolled agent". Type in your city, town, State or zip. Enrolled agents are professional and have power of attorney with the IRS.
Block has to change their advertising. Firstly, the firm is not to print the SS# of the client on any of the Tax software they send out. Secondly, they are not to advertise "refund anticipation loans". Not only were they never necessary, they are not ethical, the interest rate annualized -
especially when you add the fees and figure them in - is outrageous. In addition, it is unwise to do what boiler room unscrupulous preparers do. Their motivation violates IRS ethics, block should not want to be associated with such unconscionable shenanagans. In the case of refund anticipation loans, the motivation is NOT to help the client. The client is seldom informed that he/she may be turned down for the loan due to a government agency seizure or the IRS wanting to examine the return. That means you pay the ERO and bank fees in vain.

Wow! One thing to watch out for: refund anticipation loans {RALs}: Don't do it. What they do is USURY and should be illegal. These "emerald loans" are just as unscrupulous as the whole life insurance companies. Instead of being remorseful and ceasing to attempt to bleed the public, they came out with universal life. What a ripoff!! Now, Block with their refund anticipation loans, instead of ceasing such things, have come out with the "emerald loans". They want to trap you in to having no choice but to return to them. That's the same as whole life. I heard more prospective clients tell me "I've put too much in to it. I can't get out". Same scenario. So don't go to Block. Here is a testimonial:
"If you got an emerald advance line done from them in December probably yes {you're trapped in to returning to that outfit}. If you can, do not go to H&R Block this year. My sister got an advance done in December and she paid through the teeth this tax season. She paid almost double what she did in 2006. Also, they are not issuing checks anymore, either. They are giving the early anticipation loans now on a debit card. My advice for you is to go to a local private tax preparer who will probably do the return for under $100. They can e-file the tax return and you won't have to pay the outrageous fees. So if you did have H&R Block do an advance in December you'll have to have them finish the other part of the return for 2007. If you didn't then you won't have to return there."
More on the sick joke of going to H& ripoff:
"In addition, I'd try to use something like Turbo Tax. All HR Block are doing is running software and asking you the questions. When my wife and I first bought our house we were a little apprehensive about doing the taxes, so we went to HR Block. What a mistake. The guy at HR Block was asking us the questions that popped up on his computer. During this process we had a question about an item. The guy at HR Block said he didn't know and he was only putting in what we told him to put in. This cost us $150! I ended up not letting them submit the taxes electronically because I had to look up my question. What a rip off! Turbo Tax costs about $50 and does the same thing".

Jesus is the best.
It sounds like after you leave the firm not any tax type of business at all.

Non-compete means you can't work for a competitor - you can stay within the same franchise in other locations.

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