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Fine Silver Coins
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 the pan no.is wrong so i want surrenderr this pan no.?

 How can i avoid paying taxes for Rent (under Indian IT act)?
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andy k
Should minimum wage be set regionally in the UK?
I know this sounds a bit controversial, but could minimum wage be set regionally in different areas of the UK? (i.e. lowered in poorer areas and heightened in richer areas).

My reasoning is this:

A lower minimum wage in poorer areas might entice companies and businesses to move more to these poorer areas due to the CHEAPER LABOUR.
Of course though on a smaller minimum wage allowances would have to be put into place to allow people to still be able to afford essentials and a decent life, so where the minimum wage was lowered couldn't taxes such as VAT also be lowered in the same areas?
This could make labour cheaper, but still make it viable for people to live on a smaller income if set in the right way.

In richer areas the minimum wage would be higher making businesses look for cheaper areas to base in, thus moving to these poorer areas and gradually building up the poorer regional economies. As a regional developed economically then there might be no need any longer for such treatment, thus a newly developed region could gradually be phased into a higher minimum wage again and restraints put in place to stop companies moving away as soon as this happened.

The regions where I think the lower minimum wage and taxes could be applied are: North East England, Parts of North West England, Yorkshire, The South Wales Valleys, North East Wales, Devon and Cornwall, Northern Scotland.

So what are your views? Is this viable or is it a daft idea? And is there any problems with it in certain aspects?


Not only is it a daft idea, which is completely unworkable, but I think you completely miss why companies aren't moving to certain areas DESPITE money already being available.

The costs of running the scheme would be huge. It would be better to simply offer grants to companies in high unemployment areas - which they already do.

The reasons why companies don't move to certain areas isn't to do with the cost of wages - its actually only one consideration and would offer only minor benefits if any at all. Its about the skill set of the local population, facilities and infrastructure available, location (transportation costs of raw materials and finished goods, access by road/rail etc).

Companies already DO move to certain high unemployment areas, if the cost of wages is their biggest concern, because they know they can employ a large number of employees at a low rate. (There are a lot of call centres in Gateshead, Stoke and Glasgow for this very reason).

Besides which why should someone be paid less because of the area they live in? It doesn't improve the economic inequality between regions. And what happens in border areas? It would be completely unworkable to monitor and regulate. Workers wouldn't know what they are entitled to, and would potentially allow employers to exploit workers because of the complex system and the confusion it would create.

Soylent Mac
Living costs are higher in London so NMW should be higher to reflect this. Without higher London NMW, workers may not be able to afford to live and therefore will move up north.

Wages vary throughout the economy. e.g. in London, average wages are higher than in North

Therefore, lowering the NMW in the north may a rise in employment, especially in low wage industries,

In London a NMW of £5.35 may be too low to have any effect

A NMW of £5.35 may be above the equilibrium wage rate in the north and therefore cause unemployment

However evaluation

1. Becomes more difficult to enforce and administer

2. Little evidence NMW has caused much unemployment in the north.

3. Unemployment benefits are the same for different areas. Therefore, there is still same incentive to get a job rather than be unemployed.

The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) has called for a regional minimum wage after new research showed large variations in the impact of increases to the National Minimum Wage across the UK.

The FSB found that minimum wage increases affect one in four businesses in Scotland, Wales and northern regions of England compared to just under one in 20 in the south east of England.

In evidence to the Low Pay Commission published today, the FSB said that community businesses, such as hotels, restaurants, shops, garages, care homes and hairdressers, are the most likely to be affected by increases to the minimum wage.

FSB employment chairman, Alan Tyrrell, said: "The National Minimum Wage has a disproportionate impact on businesses in Scotland, Wales and the North of England. Regional wage variations such as 'London weighting' are standard practice in many organisations and there is now compelling evidence to look at introducing a regional variation to the minimum wage."

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