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 Does anyone have the # to Simple Pay Bank with H&R Block to check on refund for 2009?

Additional Details
Thank you for the numbers. My refund was in my account Friday....

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 NC state tax refund status having issues in changing status of refund?
Filed on 2/10 accepted on 2/11 until the beginning of 2/23 it said allow 4 weeks, then on 2/23 status changed to 20 days, then this morning stated tax information has been received and is in process.....

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Angela T
IRS states that I am receiving letter number 4464?
Please tell me what is IRS letter number 4464?
Additional Details
I called the irs because there is no infor on where is my refund. The rep states that I am receiving letter 4464

how did you find out they are sending a letter ?

Wonder B
I received same letter, I contacted irs the first CSR didn't know either cause he said something about secondary tin so I called back and the lady said it was still being processed. I used turbotax and I think they put us all in under one sequence (001) instead of individually like 002, 003, etc.

has anyone gotten update on this. I to received this 2day and still no info on wmr.

1/29/10 update:
Did you get any further information yet? This morning WMR finally gave me a message saying that I should get my refund by 2/9/10 if I didn't owe debts etc..

I got the same letter in the mail, dated Jan 22nd. I called the IRS today to ask what was going on. The man verified my info and then let me know that he has no idea why the error. He sent me to fill out an address change form, since I moved. All that he could tell me was that if I don't hear anything in 45 days to call back. I don't understand what's taking so long. I have a SIMPLE return. 1 w-2, same employer since last year. I did move but that shouldn't be enough to cause them to review my return.

Also, it's strange because I check where's my refund and it still is telling me that I MAY get my refund by Feb 2nd if no mistakes were found or I don't owe taxes (I definitely don't owe)

If anyone else has had this happen, it would be nice to get an update as to how this got resolved. I did a search on the letter number 4464C and didn't find much. Also I heard that the code "WI" on the letter has something to do with your income or withholding. I did run my W-2 through a tax calculator to make sure my employer didn't mess up and everything seems okay. Just hope that we get our money soon!!!

I filed through TurboTax, and I heard that a lot of other people are having issues this year, yet again some people got their $$$ today, several days early!

I received the same one - Letter 4464 C. I received the letter today. It says that there is a delay in the processing of my refund and gives the following 4 reasons for the possible delay:
- Income you reported on your return
- Income tax witholding amounts you reported on your return
- Claims for tax credits you made on your return
- Business income you reported on your return

UPDATE 1-28-10
I called the Practicioner Priority Line to get some information (I wouldn't suggest this option for those who aren't enrolled and have a CAF Number) and was told that I had been a part of IRS' new system this year - the CADE system that was supposed to help expedite returns and refunds. Theoreticaly those few (around 1%) who were processed with CADE should have got their refunds 24-48 hours after the returns were accepted. Anyway, I was told that there was simply a two week delay in processing my refund because they had pulled my return for processing. In my case, my witholdings were high on a per annum basis because almost my entire years salary is paid in a few month period and the payroll software sees a large amount for a paychech and takes the taxes out accordingly. I'm reasonably sure that is why mine got pulled and once they match it with my employers W4 and 940-941, I should be alright.
What I would suggest asking is what amount of time is indicated on the delay of your refund. This won't give you a definate date, but as long as they can reconcile the information might be a reasonable estimate.

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