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 I calculate that ¬£100 billion is about ¬£3000 per UK taxpayer. Is my calculation reasonably accurate?

Additional Details
This includes pensioners paying tax and non working people paying tax on investment income....

 What is the Difference between State Excise and Central Excise?
How the Excise is applicable for the Manufacturing of Perfumes, what are tarriff and what are formalities for the registration for it....

 How to get the printed form of ITR-1, ITR-2 forms from yahoo?

 Filing income tax jointly or separately saves more money?

 What would be the difference in taxes being taken out of your check if you change your status?
From "Single" to "Head of Household"? I have 2 dependents I'm claiming, but I noticed on my checks they were withholding 90 to 100 dollars in taxes each paycheck and I was ...

 Do you have to pay tax if you are selling goods on ebay?
would it be fraudulent if I dont declare the profit to the taxman? What if I only take payments by cash? By the way I;m only 16. If I make over £1000, do I have to pay taxes on it in the UK?...

 How would you do your taxes this year if your spouse passed away and you have no idea what he made in 2007?

 What impact does a 1099 form have on me, when it comes to filing taxes?

 Do you agree with this type of tax?
Why as americans do we stand by and allow our government to make and pass these OUTRAGEOUS taxes? Such as the inhertitance tax, If my loved one passes away and wishes to leave me a car, house, etc. ...

 JOKE gov i guess so.?
IMPORTANT TAX INFO Chancellor Alistair Darling has targeted The only thing that the government has not taxed yet is the male penis. This is due to the fact that 40% of the time it is hanging around ...

 MLK DAY and the IRS?
Will the IRS be acccepting returns on mon Jan. 15th even though it is a holiday?...

 Irs Tax Refund Question for 2009?
What time of the day does the IRS direct deposit tax refunds? Is it 12am, 1am... if you know what I am mean your help is appreciated.

And if they say on the check my refund site-
In ...

 Why are taxes so darn complicated??
I have been sitting at this darn PC for almost 2 hours trying to figure out how to list my rollover from a Traditional IRA to a Roth and H&R block is NOT helping.


 FCS announces bonus issue of 1:1 shares on 18-01-2010. When will it get added to my account?
FCS announces bonus issue of 1:1 on 18-01-2010. When will it get added to my account?
how can i verify/confirm. i dont see any change in NSDL-speed-e service till now(21-01-10,3.36pm)...

 Anyone who had their 2/9/2010 date change on WMR?
So NOW my WMR date changed ONCE AGAIN FOR THE FOURTH TIME TO 2/23 AFTER HAVING STAYED FOR FIVE DAYS AT 2/9!!!! OMG its now saying due to "processing delays you will receive your refund on 2/23&...

 My father died. He owed taxes. What happens to those taxes owed?

Additional Details
There is no estate or property left. He owed taxes. Who pays those?...

 Turbo Tax and the Stimulus Payments...?
My brother and sister in law, as well as a coworker who did have their Turbo Tax fees taken out of their refunds had a deposit from the IRS today. The "Where's my refund" page still ...

 Centrelink payment $1000?
I just got off the phone with my partner and he has said that our friends, who don't work and bludge off everyone are getting over $5000 from the government as part of this one sum payment from ...

 Can we filed jointly if we're not married yet?
My fiancee and I are getting married in one month. Are we able to file jointly on our 2008 tax return? Any info is appreciated! Thanks!
Additional Details
Thanks for the ...

 Who can claim mortgage interest on 1098 if 2 unmarried people own home together?

Additional Details
Can one person claim any percentage if the other person agrees?...

IRS refund update code 1121?
Just wanted to update everyone who has code 1121. I still have reference code 1121 but today I received a letter from the IRS. The letter states my refund has been processed. Due to internal errors at the IRS, your refund will not be direct deposited as you requested. We will be mailing you a check for your refund. If you do not receive your check within 3 weeks, contact the IRS for a trace. I contacted the IRS by phone. The rep confirmed this info. I asked if the "where's my refund" site will be updated to reflect this information. The rep said no. Since the IRS manually processed the return and no computer was involved in the process, that I would remain at code 1121 and to ignore the website. Just wanted to update everyone who has a delayed refund and or code 1121.

Linda M
My e-file acceptance date was 1/13. I just received my CP-05 letter. How long will it take to get my refund?

passion p
how long were u code 1121 b4 u got that letter?

What type of letter do you get? Was it a CP-05? When did you get your letter? What did it say?

I have yet to receive the Cp05 letter.
I was told i should receive it no later than the 25th of February (well that is tomorrow so I still have one more day). But i have been waiting for the letter since the 8th.

******UPDATE 02-25********
I received my CP05 letter today. The funny thing is I have been waiting for it since the 8th, It was dated for today the 25th !??? I found that strange, how can it be dated for the exact day i received it. Another thing , they deducted my remaining balance from my installment agreement in January. Now they are holding my part after telling me it was deposited on 02-08.This whole delay thing is strange. I 'm actually finding it interesting.

Awesome ~ I'm a 1121 with cp05 supposedly in route (via the cs agent at IRS) but have not received the cp05 yet. Are you saying that only about 5% of people getting a 5% are actually reviewed by a person?

when did you e-file originally, because I also am getting this code as well as 3 of my friends and we all have the the same code. I received my letter already, the original being mailed 2/4/08 that I would be mailed a check and not be DD then 2/11/08 I received a CP05

Steven K IRS
Here is the offical answer to the irs codes 1121 and 1221.1121 meens that your tax return is being reviewed.in other words it meens you our being audited on the first level .they review your tax info for accuracy In the aspects of employer info income and taxes on both employee claims and employer reporting.if they find something wrong then you will get the second brown letter stating to prepare you tax files for the past years. And lastly code 1221 meens there is a simple delay in processing it can take a couple of weeks.also it happens alot were they will change the code from 1221 to 1121 that meens that you our being reviewed and then they have 7weeks to either send you another notice or to refund your taxes. P.s this has bee happening to minly people who filed using turbotax and hrblock efiling service.only about .5% of people who recieve these codes will be reviewed. But it can take a while.

Source of this info is myself I work for the IRS if you have any other questions please reply to this answer

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