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 How can I Apply for a Tax deferment?
I am a U.S. Contractor currently working in a combat zone in Afghanistan and want to postpone filing my taxes until next year. What forms from the IRS must i complete and submit? Thanks!...

 How does the federal income tax structure impact a businesses decision to finance with use of debt vs. equity?

 How do people get big refunds at the end of the year? I have self-employment and I have 2 kids so why can't I?

 i made $18,566 this year i am claiming head of house and have 1 child plus day care tax $1511?
how much should i get back also, my fiance made $16,000 last year if he claims head of household and my daughter (hes the dad) and child care tax will he get more in return? last year i got like $3000...

 Do I have to claim the compensation I was given for donating my eggs?
I did two egg donation cycles last year, receiving $11,300. The compensation is termed in my contracts as "compensation for discomfort and inconvenince" (or something along those lines, it&#...

 What tax software should I buy: Tax Cut or turbo tax?
Which one will be better for e-fillling? I'd like something really accurate and user friendly, but not sure....

 Does California have an Inheritance tax?
I think my agent is screwing ...

 i have a 2106 for they have tiution expenses and they went to a seminar out of state how would i deduct taxes

 What is the property tax rate in Loveland, Colorado???
I'm considering buying a home in Loveland, CO and wanted to work out some numbers to make a budget. Does anyone know the current property tax rate there or around there??? I live across the ...

 Are you allowed to use a computer, bought specifically for school as a tax deduction?

 how does one recover from a rejection of SSA Disability in the US?

 how long can you wait to file?
When I first started working I never filed my taxes because I made less than 5 thousand a year..can I file them now? It has been like 3 or 4 years. I saved all the paperwork....

 Uh oh! I forgot to pay my taxes!?
Last year I owed a small amount of money for my federal taxes. Not only did I forget to pay, I forgot the amount to pay! What do I do this year?
Additional Details
Serious answers ...

 what do i do if i owe tax in another county, but now live here?
if I owe personal property tax in benton county, but now live here what do i need to do to renew my tags on my car?...

 Are hidden taxes more advantageous?
By hidden taxes I mean that in stores - the price that you see is the price that you pay. As opposed to having the taxes added on at the cash register.

This seems to me to be more ...

 Do E85 Flexfuel vehicles qualify for a tax credit?

 Worker's Compensation and Income Tax?
If I have been collecting worker's comp (WSIB) for the full tax year, will I still get a similar return to that if I were working?...

 provident fund percentage for assessment year 2006-2007?

 How accurate are the estimate tax refunds done at HR Block?
My DH and I had an estimate done this week with HR Block , and we would like to know if any one knows about how accurate those estimates usually are, either those or the ones that you can do your ...

 self employed and need to pay taxes?
I need help. My husband didn't make much in 2006. He only worked about 4 months. He needs to pay taxes on what he made. What form(s) does he need to fill out or even need to file at all. ...

Tameka W
I filed chapter 13 and owe back taxes, will I get my refund back? I did inclued the the back taxes.?

In a Chapter 13 case, all income is handled by a trustee. In the case of a tax refund, the refund is sent to the trustee, NOT to you.

Back taxes CAN be discharged in bamkruptcy, but ONLY if the proper returns have been filed and the debt is more than 2 years old at the time of filing BK.

The WealthBuilder
Tax Specialist

Winwon (Cherokee Nation)
In the U.S. you can not bankrupt taxes. So as an answer to your question, No you will not get a refund, rather you will receive a notice from the IRS showing how your refund was applied to back taxes and the remaining balance due if any. Check the IRS website.

Terence C
You can only include back taxes in a bankruptcy if the returns were filed three or more years ago. If you owe the IRS any money they will hold back your refund. However, if your back taxes were legitimately included in your bankruptcy (three or more years old) you do not owe the money. The IRS should have been notified by the court of your bankruptcy. However, the IRS is a huge bureaucracy so it is very possible that they did not correctly remove the dept and will take your refund by mistake. You can easily retrieve your funds if that does happen.

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