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 Foreign Income: exempt from Australian Tax?!?

I’m an Australian Citizen and have moved 2 years ago to the Country I was born in. I’m working here full-time now. However, I’m still a double citizen. Would my income be exempt ...

 Is there any way to make a substitute stronger in any pokemon game?
I gave a couple of my pokemon substitute and it took away 1/4 hp like it should. But the substitute faded after 1-2 hits thus being a complete waste. Is there anyway to train my pokemon to make the ...

 can I register myself as a company for tax purposes?
involving property rental, royalty fees, ...

 Do i need to pay a non residential tax if I am getting some funds from UK. I live in Dubai?
I am getting an amount which I am (kind of borrowing) from a friend, however it will be used here in Dubai as an investment, so do these funds subject to Non - residential Tax. I live and a resident ...

 How can i change my tax code and have less deduction in my payslip?
I have resigned from my fulltime job and have 2 bank jobs as i am going to the university for further studies. I need those 2 bank jobs cause whenever i am free then i can contact them for shifts ...

 how do i reclaim my hecs payment?
salary=33k, hecs paid = $650. using etax, how do i reclaim the hecs i have paid, since i am under the threshold?...

 Query about filling IT returns(india)?
i am employee working from march 2010 do i have to file the it returns this month that is befor july 31 2010 and if s then what and all the documents that are needed to file the it retuns and what ...

 i have lost my acknowledgement noumber for new pan card ,now how i can check pan card stutus from nsdl web si?

 Tax rate for car allowance in Aus - FBT rate or PAYG rate?
I am in Australia. My employer offered me a company car /novated lease/ car allowance. I took the car allowance, which essentially as I understand it is taking it as salary......
but I have ...

 Can a Sole Proprietorship pay someone else via 1099?
I own a couple sole proprietorships/DBA's and am looking for a little extra help when I'm slammed. Is it possible to find someone to help me out and pay them via 1099 or do I have to be ...

 i forgot to submit form 1040x?
i submitted my hud-1 and form 5405 i didnt submit 1040x i rs sent me a letter and form 1040x how long now before i recive myrebate ?...

 Do I qualify for the First Time Home Buyer Tax credit if I bought my house on June 2008?
We bought our house on June 2008, and I was wondering if we qualify for the First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit? We already filled Form 1040X and Form 5405, but we want to make sure that we qualify so ...

 What is subject to sales tax?
My local sales tax is 9.75%.
If i sell an air conditioner for $500 and install it for $300, i know i need to pay $48.75 sales tax for the air conditioner (500 x .0975 = 48.75) but what about ...

 I destroyed my state ID card with a pair of scissors?
I did that so it can be replaced. I got it when I was 17, so it still has the 'under 18 until' label on it. Now, when I take another photo it will only say under 21. $22 is nothing but a ...

 What is the penalty for closing a ROTH account?
Due to online exposure of my personal Roth account and personal information by an outside company used by Chase, I decided to close my ROTH account of around $17,000 which I have had for about 15 ...

 On-line stock investing Taxes?
Ok i wanted to start a account with scottrade so i can invest in companies. I wanted to become somewhat of a day trader. Anyway If i bought a stock then i would pay $7 dollars. Then if i sold the ...

 What is the eco-tax on the iMac 27"?
I live in Ontario and since the recent introduction of the infamous eco-tax I've been wondering...
What is the eco-tax on the basic 27" Apple iMac? What about the 64GB iPad? Could you ...

 Question about stocks and Capital Gains Tax?
I have made about $4,000 dollars from selling stocks this summer, I have been using money ive saved over the past 3 years of college to use this summer for just selling stocks. So far this year have ...

 Will putting money into a retirement account lower my adjusted gross income?
The monthly payment on my student loans is based on my agi. The lower my agi, the less I have to pay on my loans each month. Does putting money into a retirement account at my job lower my agi?

 What should I do when I know an IRS employee turns in people she does not like for audits?
This IRS employee is friends with my sister and she has told her the people she has turned in for audits. Why does the IRS allow this type of behavior from a person who was investigated for the ...

How much money do they take out of your paycheck for taxes?
I'm just curious about this because i'm about to get my first job and i'm trying to figure out how much money i'll actually be bringing home. If I made minimum wage which is like 8.25 and worked 40 hours a week that would be $330 times two weeks would be $660. but how much of that would I actually get to keep?

Depends on your tax bracket. For minimum wage you would be in the lowest tax bracket if that's all you have for income. Also depends if state tax is being with held. This could be anywhere from 20% to 30%. You can figure this out accurately once you get your first check and calculate how much has been taxed.

Too D- - -M much. I am sick of it. The little people of the great ole USA should revolt.

You can figure about just over 30% of your check will go for taxes. You'll probably see around 440.00 per paycheck.

Money Girl's Quick and Dirty Tips
How much taxes are withheld from your pay depends on how you complete your W-4. If you have too much taken out during the year, you'll get a refund at tax time. But if you have too little taken out you'll owe additional taxes. Here's more info on this topic: http://moneygirl.quickanddirtytips.com/payroll-withholding.aspx.

Depends on several things - where you are and what you put on your W-4 form, in addition to the info you give about what you'll make. Enter your info at paycheckcity.com to see what will be withheld.

If you put single/1 allowance on your W-4, withholding would be

Bi-weekly Gross Pay
Federal Withholding
Social Security

There's probably also withholding for state and possibly local - the amount depends on where you live

Here is a site where you can check how much your net amount will be.


I work full time at $8.25/hour, and my checks are about $550 every 2 weeks.

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