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 irs 1099 question?
few yrs back i put like 1400k in to ameritrade i lost about 300 overall,,
today i got a letter from the irs saying i owe money like 290--
i pulled up my ameritrade account and all my sales ...

 If I have my 401k money distributed in a check, how am I taxed?
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 my aunt has property she wants to put in my name. will I have to pay taxes on it? P.S. she still lives there?
My aunts live in an old house on a huge lot. They want to put it in my name and then have me sell it. I have been told by some people that I would hae to pay a lot of taxes on it. Can anyone tell ...

 what is tax?

 how much money is the minimum to get the maximum child tax credit? and how much is the credit per child?

 When filing a tax return, can a sigle person living alone file as 'head of household'?

 canadian tax deductions for average wage earner what are they and where can you find them?

 Does anyone know what the IRS Form 1098-T is for?
I know it is something that you use to see if you qualify for some kind of tax credit for college. Should I just take it with me when I go to get my taxes done? Has anyone had any experience with ...

 I was married in Oct. 2006. What is the best way to determine my withholdings for 2007?
What exactly do the exemptions mean? Is it better to have more or fewer exemptions in our case?...

 how many alcohol factories are in US?

 Need HELP with taxes...?
I am doing my taxes online. I am using my last pay stub NOT my W2. I have ran into a roadblock. Box 20, "locality name" What is that? I looked it up and it gave me a brief description. ...

 what's my tax liability?
I am a U.S. citizen. last year for the first 6 months i was unemployed. I got an opportunity to work in Canada and currently working on a work permit.
1) I have been working in Canada since J...

 Do I have to give the trustee my tax returns?
My bankruptcy was discharged in March and wanted to know is there a way not to give up my tax returns. My husband's hours has been drastically reduced and i'm starting school on the 6th of ...

 tell me about interest on tds?

 About taxes....?
I paid over 10 grand in 2006 on interest on my new home. $2300 to property tax....how much should I expect back roughly. Me and my hubby made between 50 and 60 grand combined. Just a rough answer ...

 How do I make my mom my dependent?
My mom doesn't work and she lives with me. I pay for all the bills. Can I claim my mom as a dependent?...

 Tax/LLC question?
Ok bare with me as i try to explain my situation :-)
Ok i have a mortgage processing business which is an LLC, I plan to have as a main company and also I have a virtual secretary business (...

 what are tax auctions and how can i get in on the action?

 How much does Turbotax charge to expedite the process of tax refunds from the Feds?
They charge $14.95 for "Basic" Turbotax plus an additional charge to get your refund back faster, but they don't tell you how much it will cost until you give them your credit card ...

How does the IRS know that I am married?
Did my preliminary taxes, I was married in March 06. Wife and I have a son together. Logic would tell me to file married/jointly. However my wife and I both come out with larger refunds filling Single/Head of Household. How does the IRS know that we got married this year unless we tell them?
Additional Details
I appreciate all your feedback, and it is right inline with how I am thinking. I'm just playing the Devil's Advocate. I guessing that there really isn't a way for them to know that I'm married unless I tell them. Right? We don't qualify for EIC (make to much) but if I file single/her HOH we're up $1,000's. I knew we shoulda never got hitcvhed.LOL.

They will know from the marriage liscence, and also if she filed for a name change.
I know it sucks, but there isn't much you can do about it unless you want to face the possibility of the consquences lol

Keep this in mind: agencies of the federal and state governments communicate with each other. When your wife applies for a new SS card with her married name, and provides a copy of the marriage license to the Social Security Adminstration, that information will go on record throughout the agencies of the federal government. Your wife's name will change in the IRS database and they will also have the approximate date of the marriage.

If you knowingly claim a filing status that you are not entitled to, that is considered reckless and intentional disregard of the tax law and will undoubtedly subject you to accuracy and negligence penalties. Don't do it!

How do you know that they won't find out somehow? These things have a hibit of biting you in the backside when you least expect (and need) it.

Please take on board the comments made by the previous two posters. Jail is a possibility but just the civil costs will be enormous. The loss of EIC alone would more than likely be a five figure sum over ten years.

Edit: Judy makes a very good point, based on your updated question. You should not be thousands up.

If you're up that much by filing fraudulently as unmarried rather than married filing joint, you ought to check your figures - unless one or both of you was getting an EIC, that doesn't sound right. Are you sure you're using the right tax tables for each of these preliminary returns?

They may or may not know, but if you file a fraudulent return there is no statute of limitations and they can come after you for the extra tax you got. The penalties are 75% of the tax, plus interest.

Plus if you are getting EIC by splitting your income with one of you claiming EIC, you may be forbidden to get this credit for up to 10 years.

Your marriage license is a matter of public record. Also, when you sign your tax return, you are swearing under the penalty of perjury that your tax return is correct. If you are providing fraudulent information on your tax return, not only can it be a civil offense (fraud), but also a criminal felony offense (perjury).

Probably if you got new social security cards with you married name on them

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