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 What (if anything) can I deduct for 2010?
I've been working as a software consultant for a good many years, often on the road for extended periods. When the financial meltdown occurred, contract work dried up and, to make matters worse, ...

 I've not been working or claiming benefits for 4 years, can I claim tax back?
I've not been working since late 2005.

The following question applies to people living in the United Kingdom, like myself.

Since then I went travelling for over a year and ...

 Income Tax Liability Computation for AY 2010-2011?
Only Serious Answers are solicited:

1. Is interest recd on Savings Bank Account to be added to Income for Computing Tax ?

2. Is total dividend from listed companies not liable ...

 Refund of excess tax deducted at source ?
Staff has resigned. No salary was received for March 2010 but still tax deducted and paid to IT dept by employer. Form 16 also includes March 2010 salary figures. Employer says that he cannot modify F...

 do i get more unemployment if i was on tier 1?
i was cutoff of unemployment after my tier 1 benefits were done do I qualify for more ...

 I bought 24 pairs of nike trainers from China UK customs have seized them as counterfeits?
I bought from a company in china on dhgate.com

I paid with paypal. Is there any way i can get a refund? Do i file a case against the seller and say i didnt receive the item or do i ...

 unemployed not required to pay taxes?
have not filed taxes in over 10 ...

 is stamp duty payable?
Me and my sister have inherited our Mother’s property, it has had 3 valuations for probate which have all come back between £230k-£250k.
I have proposed that I buy my sister out, which she ...

 I paid Income Tax 2001 to 08 and all refunded. 2009 No Tax. 2010 Ta Rs 7000 what to do?

 my work over paid me ¬£130 last week i got taxed ¬£40 on it so i got ¬£90 of it.?
my work over paid me £130 last week i got taxed £40 on it so i got £90 . im paying my work back the £130 tho. so im £40 out of pocket over this . ive i lost the £40 in tax .?

 Can I get a job even though I get a check from my dad's retirement?
Im getting ready to be the big 1-6, and want to know can I get a job at a fast food restaurant to make some extra cash. BTW my mom is currently unemployed (layed-off). Thanks!
Additional D...

 What is the most common tax treatment for LLCs?
In other words, what schedule do most file?...

 what does total available tax offsets mean?
Just done my tax and this has come up.......

 How has received 2010 tax refund yet?
I sent my etax through on the 12th July, still nothing yet, last year i received mine on the 7th day, has anyone got theirs back yet?...

 Where to get a loan to avoid paying taxes?
I need some help here for my sister/husband. They just bought and paid cash for this great house, that they were lucky to find and move into after looking and looking. They moved out of their rental ...

 unemployment question?
bill was passed. What about people that had money left in there EB ...

 What is Payroll tax What it means and Examples on it please?
can you make it simple and understandable and give examples ...

 my accountant didn't submit my NJ tax return do i get fined?
my accountant didn't submit my NJ tax return, do I get fined if the papers he had given me 4 months ago show that everything was good, and I signed too, called him third time in as many months ...

 We have retired and only have social security, military retirement, and disability income. What will be?
taxable in 2010 return?...

 If IRS owes you, but you did not file taxes, what can they do to you?
I have not filed 2007, 2008 or 2009, but I did not owe anything....

How do I do my taxes after winning a $1000 scratch ticket?
Our income is about $9500 through Social Security for the year. We won $1000 on a scratch ticket and I filled out the necessary forms when I claimed the money. How does this work if you are on a very low income? We don't want any trouble from the IRS so we'll pay what we are supposed to. I am scared we'll have to pay $250 or something back. Just wondering if anyone can advise? We are both senior citizens.
Additional Details
I am 61 and a homemaker and my husband is 64 is the one receiving the Social Security income. That's all of our income in a nutshell.

both seniors, on SS? it is very possible that you will not have any income tax on this winnings
your personal exemptions are $3650, your standard deduction(if married) is $11400 and if you are over 65 you have an extra allowance on your standard, so it appears you simply don't have enough with the $1000 to even file

Relax and enjoy your lottery winnings. If all of your income is from social security, or if you and your spouse are both over the age of 65 and have less than $20,900 in taxable income, none of your scratch ticket winnings are taxable. You will receive a 1099 early next year showing your winnings. You can promptly ignore this tax form, not file any federal return, and breathe freely. Double check with your state to make sure your winnings are non-taxable, but in most states they will be tax-free.

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