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 What should you do if you haven't filed a tax return in 10 years?
Someone I know (yes, it really is someone else) has had tax withheld from his paycheck for the last ten years, but hasn't filed a return for any of those years. Any advice on what he should do? ...

 I fail to understand this issue with the 'Council Tax' in England.?
If I paid a little each week, cash, at the post office, I have until the end of the financal year to pay the bill.

If however I pay by direct debit and miss a payment (January for example, ...

 Has anyone received there stimulus check with last two of social 10?
I originally was supposed to receive my stimulus money via direct deposit but because I used turbo tax the IRS is mailing my check. Has anyone received there check in the mail with last two of ...

1ST THEY ARE GOING BY LAST 2 DIGITS OF SOCIALS AND that direct deposits will be done b4 checks start to go out . the checks has started to go out already b4 people with low and high digits that'...

 Does HR block really try hard to "Maximize" you're return?
I've never been to a tax prep service before, but this year i think id like to just go so i can see if i have been missing anything that i could be deducting... I know turbo tax and all that ...

 Does anyone know what the standard deduction for a Goodwill donation is? I have a few receipts from Goodwill.?
I can not find answer anywhere. I heard it was $250.00 but I want to make sure....

 How soon can I file my taxes if I won't make any more money in 2008?
I have a situation where I need to file my taxes literally AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. I mean, even before 1/1/09, if possible with my last stub. I am trying to get my employer to give me my W-2 immediately,...

 Do I have to legally give my spouse any of the refund money I get from taxes if I file married joint?
My spouse did not work at all during the year and she left me and moved out.I will be filing for a divorce as soon as I can.
Additional Details
more info---I already efiled...having it ...

 If collecting unemploment benefits do you have to report earnings from a job getting paid under the table?
I'm laid off collecting unemployment and I recently started a job getting paid by a personal check and anything over 40 hours I get paid in cash. Now do I have to report this to the unemployment ...

 What does a person do if they owe money to the IRS but won't have enough by April to pay?
I only owe them a little but unless my business picks up enough I might not have enough to send in. I have never been in this situation before. Do I send my return in with no money or do I need to ...

 Are we allowed to prevent the government from withholding taxes? ?
When I get a pay stub every 2 weeks, are we allow to prevent the government or company to withhold taxes and pay them at the end of the year? I mean if we can, isn't it wiser to do this since we ...

 Do you agree with the Government's plan of 50% tax for top earners (over ¬£150k per annum)?
Please give reasons.

Additional Details
Interesting point starlight - but you failed to answer the question......

 Did I get wrong amont on mt Stimulus check??
I was head of house hold, single with one child and only got 600.
Additional Details
No people that make less then me at my work got the same amount with no kids. I made 22,000...

 Anyone have any luck yet with "Where's my Refund"?
Just curious..I haven't checked since this morning..don't plan to until tomorrow, but just wondering if anyone had any luck today.
Additional Details
Sonny- sure thing =)...

 What's your state's sale tax??
Wisconsin is 5.5%
Additional Details
OMG!!!! lmao i thought wisconsin was bad. =X

new question.. cigarettes... up a dollar each pack for you?...

 income tax does nor exist 4me. have never, ever paid a flippin' cent 4'ncmtx. what's in stock 4me, jail?
i wouldn't mind serving time in jail as long as the chow is good and i ain't 2work 2hrd and i have some kind on relaxation on

 Is it right to increase the threshold for death duty taxes to ¬£1,000,000?
Should death duties not be 100%. Dead people don't need money....

 Do you get more money back from doing your taxes on your own online at H&R block, or in the office by them?
I have no deductions or anything, I file standard and just have my w2. should i do it on my own, or take it a professional?...

 why would the government place a tax on cigarettes?
in terms of economic and ...

 Will the UK get through this financial crisis?
Is our country going to come out of this or are we destined to fail? I don't know what the outcome will be of this credit crunch lark, but it would be interesting to know other people's ...

ITS 8:28 P.M.......AND STILL NOTHING....

all the irs funds went towards haiti so america is broke and that is why we havent gotten our refunds..

Me too...I have been waiting all day! Still nothing, hopefully it will come tomorrow

9:41 P.M. (Central) Time, Nothing yet... I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a deposit on Saturday! At this point I don't think I should hold my breath. I hope my car holds out...lol

Mommy Love
I was supposed to recieve mine today, and when I checked my bank this morning at around 9am (Pacific,) it had already been deposited.

John L
I had A DD Date of 2/12 also, But My refund was in my account early on 2/10 ... which is odd for the IRS, Becasue normally they only do direct deposits on Fridays, But I guess they make exceptions sometimes! .... hang in there everyone, your refund will be there soon!

Same thing here. It's 8:06pm right now in CA. I also used TaxAct, but direct deposit to an existing Endeavor card from last year. I read from other people that if you opt for the refund preparation website service to subtract the filing fees from your return rather than paying them up front, then it will be delayed. I'm not sure how true that is though. Last year I got a the card mailed to me and the money was deposited by 10am on February 14th.

I hope we all don't have to wait until the 19th for them to mail out a paper check instead. Some people have to get gas for the cars, do repairs, buy food for their family (that's us... we're down to a few cups of rice and some broccoli). But... it could be worse. We could live in a much poorer nation where people live in poverty. Or we could all be homeless due to natural disasters. Today is the one month anniversary of the Haiti earthquake isn't it?

9:37 here and still nothing. I called HR Block and was told that there are a lot of people having the same issue.

Im in the same boat. Refund has not arrived as of yet 8 am. I was expecting on 2/12/10
Need the money for Disney!


Hailey D
My aunt just barely got hers.
Maybe they're running late cause they suck?

I need help too!!

Me neither. I've been checking all day. It says it was dd on the wmr site. I had my split into two accounts. The one account was closed by the time the dd was sent so that went back and they are showing it went back. But my other account isn't showing anything and it was a prepaid capital one card. They say the process the deposits as they come in and that I may have to wait until Monday. I thought monday was a holiday so I can only hope.

I did my return on Tax act with a 2/12 DD also and did receive the deposit today.... I opted to have it DD on the pre paid endeavor card they offerd through Bancorp. They only fee I had was the $15.95 for the card no other prep fees or anything. The only PROBLEM is that I have yet to receive the actual card!!!! Pretty stupid huh!!!??? I located a number and spoke with a customer service person that verified that the DD did show up on the account/card today as estimated. They said I would recieve the card next week it was mailed out on 2/8...Needless to say I'm pissed! Kinda defeats the purpose of trying to get it in as fast as I could for a faster refund that I despretely needed!!! Has anyone run into this problem?????

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