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 my husband has been self employed for 5 years. hes never paid tax/ insurance. what will the consequences be?
i tried to tell him its not right but hes ignoring me. what about when we retire? not too far off. i know what my pension will be. he doesnt get any as far as i know. and im very worried

 do you pay tax on a second job which is part time?
i recntly started a new job which is full time i didnt get taxed on my first wage then my old emplyer rung me and aked if i wanted to go back just 8 hours a week as well as do my full time job,do i ...

 Who got their rebate check already and what are the last 2 of your ss#? Mine's 02 but no check yet.?

Additional Details
I am talking about the direct deposit. Supposedly some people woke up monday morning and it was in their account. They showed them shopping at Target, Walmart, etc....

 Why does the IRS think I'm rich?
This might be more of a rant, but I finally got down to doing our taxes this year. Our income this year was $160,000 gross, and we live in California. Out of that we paid almost $3,000 a month for ...

 I didn't make much money this year. How will I know if its worth filing taxes. I have two children to claim.

 If our baby is born in late December can we claim it on this year's taxes?

 I am a single mother with 1 child and I rcvd only $600 from the tax rebate why?? I dont owe the gov any money?
My income last year was $24,000. I should have gotten the $900 right?? Tried to go onto irs website-and see why no reason listed also I tried to call the irs and there system is automated and doesn�...

 Do I need to file? I heard if you are single and make less than a certain amount, you don't need to file taxes
Is this true. I am 27, and single, I did not make much last year because I was disabled from a car accident. I was not even able to collect disability, the insurance company did not pay out. I had ...

 I'm 22 and my mom died a few months ago. Are there any social security benefits for me?

 What should i do with my income tax i want to make it grow?

 Shouldn't we have control of our own taxes?
After all, we're the ones who work hard!...

 Do you pay sales tax based on the regular price of an item or the sales price of it?
Specifically, I'm curious about retail items that you'd buy at a department/electronics/etc store....

 what if you got a letter saying you won $250.000 but need to send $4,200 to claim it what would you do?
They claim wall mart,Kmart and other stores have a shopper pool
and your name was picked by computer.they sent you a check
for $4,200 and told you to cash it and send it a man in canada

 Has anyone received their 2009 tax refund that didnt get an update on Wheres my Refund?
I am one of the many people that received a notice that my taxes were accepted on the 17th, but the Wheres my Refund isn't showing any info. I am wondering if its possible to get your dd even ...

 Has anyone received their IRS confirmation email from efiling Jan 15th, 2010?
Went thru one of the free efile partners from the IRS.gov webstie. Site said that they sent return. Irs is supposed to send email confirming they got return within 24-48 hours...naturally it is ...

 Who is praying right now that you will get a deposit from the IRS tomorrow morning?
PLEASE!!!!!! You said the 29th!!...

 Question about the Economic Stimulus Package - I'm getting cheated out of mine!?
I'm 20, full time student, full time employee. I've been paying taxes since I started working 5 years ago. I live on my own.

However, my mom has to claim me as a dependent so ...

 Sears didn't withhold any federal income tax for the whole year!!! Do I have to pay 1200???
I worked for sears last year and I just found out they did not withhold any federal income tax for the year of 2007?!?! They had me in their system as exempt??? Is there anything I can do to not pay ...

 I'm filling out my tax forms for a new job, i want to get more out of my pay checks now , do i claim 1 or 0?
i'm single with no dependents. I would rather get more money out of checks now than in a return. but i don't know if i should do 0 or 1. I think i've done 0 in the past and it took ...

 My job isn't taking taxes out on me?
I've been working for a month and a half now. I've received 5 checks from the company and they haven't taken out any federal taxes on me. I make 8.50 an hour, full time and I claimed 4 ...

Can you get unemployment if you were getting paid under the table?
I was working for a bar for almost a year and getting paid cash and became pregnant and had to quit my job; would i be able to collect unemployment for this?

No since unemployment payments were never made in your name.
You quit so even if you were paid by check you would not qualify.

Pay your own way
No you can't. If you try to get unemployment from this job you may end up having to pay in the taxes that you didn't pay in while working there.

your employer did not pay any unemployment insurance on You...so how could you collect?


Possibly. If you were being illegally paid under the table and can prove how much you were paid, then the state can issue unemployment checks and can take the money from the employer that the employer was supposed to pay to the unemployment compensation fund.

If you quit because you were unable to work, then you are not eligible for unemployment until you are next able to work. Unemployment is only for workers who can work.

If you are currently unable to work due to pregnancy, then you may qualify for disability benefits.

Lauren F
Ha ha ha...
No - you quit. That means you don't get unemployment under any circumstance.

Plus, the only way to get it if you were fired would be to have been working legitimately, not under the table. I assume you didn't report your under the table wages and tips to the IRS? Well, doing so now would only cost you far more in tax fraud penalties than you would ever collect on unemployment.

Give birth first.

No, if you file for unemployment, you and your former employer could get in big trouble with the IRS.

ibu guru
No. If you were paid under the table, your employer was not paying into the unemployment insurance fund for you. As far as UI is concerned, you were never employed and have no credits in the system.

Secondly, you quit your job. UI is only payable if you lose your job through no fault of your own, e.g. the company closes its doors or lays off staff. You quit, no unemployment - ever.

Third, to collect UI, you must be able to work, available for full-time work, and actively seeking employment. If you quit because you were pg, you'd have a hard time proving that you were able to work, available for work & actively seeking employment. If you were able & available, why'd you quit the job you had?

Three counts against you. No way.

Nope, you aren't covered. But if you quit, you wouldn't have been eligible anyway.

You do realize you just admitted on a public forum to tax evasion.

No, the government will not pay unemployment if you're never employed according to their records.

Unemployment insurance benefits in the US are generally only offered to workers who are unemployed through no fault of their own, are currently seeking employment, and who were previously employed by an employer who paid unemployment tax.

The laws differ from state to state, but in general -- if you quit your job, you aren't eligible. I would check out the DOL website for more information, or try searching for the Department of Labor website in your state.

Miss Ann Thrope
No. Quitting due to pregnancy does not qualify you for unemployment.

Fill up the application any way, It wont hurt

JesusZoidberg Saves
Nope. And now that you've asked this for all the world to see, you'll be hearing from Uncle Sugar's band o' thugs (IRS). Way to go.

You have just learned a lesson about honesty. Your former employer wants to cheat the government and you went along with it. Now, you have learned that you were cheated too. Unemployment benefits are funded like insurance. Employers pay into the state and federal "insurance" plans. People who lose their jobs apply for the benefits that their former employers paid for.

All is not lost. Maybe you are eligible for welfare once the baby is born.

I hope this helps.

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