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what happens if tenant does not sign lease agreement?
tenant does not sign lease
Additional Details
Ok, let me clarify. My Mom has a grage/storage space that she currently has renting. Well, he is 8 months late on his rent so I am trying to make it an official rental (in writing). He did not sign the lease she sent to him 1 year ago. Currently, I am requesting all past due rents or properties inside garage are liened and will be sold to offset past due rents. THEN, effective 9/1/2010 I am requesting him to sign a lease. What if he doesnt?

tenant is not considered tenant.

Lady Luana
He/she is not a tenant, since they have no right to be an apartment unless an agreement has been signed.

if the tenant doesn't sign the lease, then it's not a valid lease and neither you or the tenant is obligated to comply with it.

however, if the tenant has been living in the apartment for some time and has been paying rent, you and the tenant are considered to be on a "month-to-month" agreement, so the rules that apply to that type of tenancy (depending on your state/city laws) would apply in your case. so, for example, the tenant may have to give 30 days notice before moving out.

If he didn't sign the lease, then he is considered a month-to-month renter. To collect on the rent owed, you would have to prove that he agreed to rent the unit for X per month. The burden of proof will be on you for that.

Since he is considered a month-to-month renter, he can terminate the lease with a 30-day notice. The good news for you is that you can do the same. Actually, since he is behind on the rent now, you can send him a pay-or-quit notice (meaning, pay in X days or he'll be evicted). If he does not pay or leave by the date specified in the notice, you can file formal eviction proceedings with your local court to have him removed from the property.

Assuming all the rent is caught up, if he won't sign the new lease and you don't want him to continue on without doing so, then you can give him a 30-day notice to vacate the property. Again, if he doesn't vacate by the time he is supposed to then you'll have to file formal eviction proceedings.

Simpson G
A written lease does not have to be signed for a person to be on a lease. Verbal leases are legally binding, but harder to enforce due to the lack of a paper trail and specifics.

Your state may have laws governing how long someone can be on an unwritted lease. For example, in Washington state, leases longer than a year MUST be written.

If the tenant is not in a lease (meaning for a specific period of time), he will be by default a month to month or periodic tenant. Even if it's verbal, this is still a legal tenancy.

As long a both of you agreed to terms, which could be as minimal as a dollar amount for rent and when it's do, the tenant is in a rental agreement.

Edit: You could have two different things here.

1. Your mother must only adhere to the laws of self-storage locations. Which means she sends notice, publishes an ad in the paper, and then if no response, can sell it.

2. Your mother must adhere to abandonded property laws of her state/county/city

If it were me, I'd follow whichever of the two is more protective of the MIA renter. More notice, longer notice, or whatever.

There is no occupancy issue here, so this is most likely NOT a landlord/tenant issue.

You don't use the word "liened" and you only include legally pertinent information.

Dear Mr. Tyrone Rugen,

This letter serves as final notice that you are outstanding on rents due on your stored items located at 111 Floren Way, Gilder, CA. If you do not remove the items by November 1, or pay rent in the full amount of one thousand one hundred dollars ($100x 11 months), your items will be disposed of by the owner.

Thank You,
Wesley Roberts
(323) 464-6266

Send this letter with return receipt and amend it to follow the laws of the area.

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