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artic ranger
If I inherit a house and sell it later,do I pay capital gains?

I believe the value of the house at the time you inherit it becomes your cost basis. The value at the time you sell will determine if you have a gain or a loss.

Yeap, you do!!!!!!!

Yup. Here in Canada, it would be on your next income tax returns.

If the house was covered under the estate tax exemption, the value of the home when you received it will be your cost basis. If it has gone up let's say $10,000 since then, you will pay capital gains taxes on that $10K. Just remember, if this is within 2 years, you will pay a higher tax rate - this is called short term capital gains, I believe this rate is whatever income tax bracket you are currently in. If it's after 2 years, it should be long term capital gains, and I believe that rate is 15% (on the gain).

You can avoid this by doing a 1031 tax deferred exchange and purchasing a like-kind investment after you sell this home. There are time periods you must meet, so you need to speak to your CPA. The good thing is that, after 5 years of ownership of the new property, and at least 2 years of living there as your principal residence, you can use this as a principal residence sale and have an exemption up to $250K in gains for a single person.

Another idea is to move into this property and live there for at least 2 years for the same exemption.

Write if you have more questions at sean@rmfa.com.

Good luck!


momma dog
Depends, if you use your profits to buy another house within, I believe, 2 years, no. Check the IRS website for time limit.

If you don't purchase another house, then yes.

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