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Anyone else happy ? I am :)

Everyone should have it by 2012 :)...

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 I'm 14 and want to buy a stock. How would I do this?
I know nothing. :(
Additional Details
I did not know it was crashing. As I stated before I knew nothing....

 I have $1000 to invest. Can anyone tell me which stock or stocks they would buy?

How should I invest $10,000, for the fastest and largest return?
Within the following year I'll be receiving a Military Enlistment Bonus of 20K. I'm 17, and would like to invest half of this money. Any advice concerning the stock market, real estate, franchises,. . .anything, would be greatly appreciated. Please be Specific.

Real Estate would definately be a good idea now, given that you're 17 however it may be hard because of a lack of credit. My suggestion would be to buy a forclosed home and rent it out. Then in 10 years sell it. Another safe safe alternative would be gold, which when I checked this week was about 943 an ounce.

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That's not an easy question to answer. Your best bet would probably be financials. Safe ones like BAC, WFC. But like everyone else is saying one way or another 'what you're asking for is ambiguous.' You should see a financial advisor, but you can also check out this website first:

They give good stock/mutual fund recommendations so look there first, and see if you like anything. Look under foreign stocks aswell.

Just remember the larger the reward the larger the risk. So don't ask yourself first, what is the best investment. But how much am I willing to lose.

Mandie C
you're young, so take it to your bank and ask to set up an appointment with their finance guy. the bank i work for uses PrimeVest, where all my & is at. Now is definately the best time for you to get into investments because stocks are selling for so low, and history follows that the market will jump higher than what it was at before the recession, so as the market goes up you're definately going to bank some cash, only problem is you're only 17, so take a parent!

Cathy W
Real estate is a good idea. Yet, you need to pay monthly for mortgages...so I don't think you have enough income to do that yet. Franchises requires more money than $10,000.

I think you should think about putting some money in stocks and bonds. I am a senior in college. I started trading a few months ago. I invested 3k and I have made 2k already.

You need to be 18 to open a brokerage account or unless your parents are willing to open an account for you.

If you are investing in stocks...these are somethings that I have learned.

Buy low and sell high. Always try to buy when there is a bear rally or a down day. And not really on an up day unless the point you buy is still at its low.

Also, even if you see that the stock might be going up and you think you might be missing the opportunity...don't worry...chances are...stocks go up and down...so you might be able to buy it at the price you want. Don't try to chase after the stock.

For short term, when you see a decent profit, take the profit and get back in once the price of the stock drops.

Don't buy the stocks with all your money...keep some just in case the price drops so you can average down. It's better to spend another $7 bucks for transaction fee then seeing your stocks dropping by $1 per share.

You should start reading financial news, be aware when the economic data are coming out and how those data can affect the market, the earnings announcement from the companies.

Also, there are blogs available such as www.crashmarketstocks.com...so you can get someone's point of view about the stock market.

If you still need to open a brokerage account, consider Scottrade.

NO account maintenance, service, or inactivity fees.
$7.00 online trading commission for stock over $1.00 a share.
Tutorial and webcast available to customers.
Excellent trading platforms (very user friendly).
Excellent customer service (398 Branch offices nationwide).
$500.00 minimum to open an account.

If you do end up opening it with Scottrade, use this referral code: EJVR8926
You and I can get 3 FREE trades.

Ver W
You can try forex trading with margin .I start my forex trading for just no more than 2 years ,now i can earn over 1000 dollars per month .

$so fresh so clean$ (3 for 3)
With that type of money, I'd seek the advice of a fee-based only financial advisor.

Place it on the roulette wheel. It will be over in 35 seconds, and you may increase your $10,000 to $360,000.

Go to Las Vegas and put the whole thing on Red. You will double your money ("large return") and do it in seconds ("fast return"). Or maybe you won't. But that's the way things work. If you want to emphasize high returns, you have to take a high risk of loss.

Or maybe you should sit down with a financial planner and let safety of principal take priority. Good luck.

Ryan M
That depends on your risk tolerance. Generally, the larger and faster return that you want involves the most risk. The more risk you have, the greater chance that you will completely lose your investment. There is no such thing as a sure way to get a large and fast return on your money.

im also 17 years old, and if you are looking for a fast & large return, then listen to the guy above who said to put your money on a roulette bet. honestly, if you want the best possible return on that money, then do not start looking for ways to start doubling it in the next year.

invest in one company. thats all i ask you do with it. do not diversify, all diversification is is a defense against your own stupidity, and rather than pretend to understand hundreds of companies that make up a mutual fund, you should attempt to have an intimate knowledge of ONE company. This goes against conventional wisdom; you would think that the more companies you spread your money into, the lower risk you would have. that is false.

you need to find a company with a stable product, which is needed or wanted by a large majority of people, with brand-name recognition, great management in place, is conservatively financed, has high returns on equity, high profit margins, and has been around for a long time.

my number one recommendation based on the above criteria is Proctor & Gamble (ticker symbol PG). It is traded at below-intrinsic value, and has a lot of upside. The longer you keep your money in this company, the more you will make. $10k is not a bad investment, and if you put it all into PG, then you will see great returns over the long-term. I know you want a short-term method of making money, but TRUST ME, the only thing that can come from short-term anything with money is gambling, just go with roulette.

PG makes Folgers, Gilette, Crest, Olay, Pampers, Tampax, Old Spice, Tide, Downy, Iams, Charmin, Duracell, Pringles, Braun, Covergirl, Cascade, Febreze, Swiffer, Mr. Clean, Metamucil, Pepto-Bismol, Head and Shoulders, Pantene, and Luvs

if those aren't enough brand names for you, i don't know where to tell you to look. PLEASE, invest in this company, DO NOT SELL for at least 5 to 10 years, and wait for the magic of compounding to greatly increase the value of this investment. if you have any questions, feel free to email me
good luck, and dont gamble that away

I have been buying stocks for along time. I always buy dividend stocks each and every month. I don't buy penny stocks. (I have in the past, I don't trade penny stocks any more) I have a new Scottrade referral code that will get you 3 free trades to get a new account started. New 2011 and 2012 Scottrade referral code: IXFV9382 New code will give you 3 free trades to get your new account started. Please listen to me.... Buy dividend stocks each and every month and in 20 years you won't have to worry bout money issues in your life. Dave

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