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 Creating a Trust as beneficiary to a life insurance policy...?
I want to change how the beneficiaries on my life insurance policy is written. Specifically I want to know how to create a trust for the benefit of someone when the life insurance policy pays out. F...

 Is becoming a Nationwide agent a good idea? (Small, rural town.)?

 without prejudice to any provisions in the terms and conditions.?

 Life insurance companies that have the best compensation plans?????
I passed my insurance exam...now I am looking for a company that pays you well right from the start ....not one that has you work hard and you get small percentages of your money ...

 Has anyone had trouble out of AIG workers comp insurance?
These people have lied to my husband on many ocassions, about how he will recieve his "last" check after being released from drs care. anyone have these problems from them? by theway Im inT...

 By mistake I have been paying for 2 seperate ins policies by 2 different companies.?
By mISTAKE i HAVE BEEN PAYING FOR 2 INS POLICIES FOR MY HOUSE. NOW THAT THE HURRICANE HAS DAMGED MY ROOF AND some sheetrock to the tune of 20k I wonder how I should handle this.

one policy ...

 Distribution channel?
List all the functions that insurance agents typically perform in the distribution channel ?
Additional Details
I want just to know what roles does insurance agent take part in the ...

 Can I sue someone in small claims if the DA is in taking the case?
Can I sue some guy in small claims who gave me a bogus check? and can I also have a collection agency run after this individual?
I have already reported it to the DA (who has taken action ...

 Bangalore, Karnataka region any investor is looking for Investing in ICICI Priority circle?
Hello All,
If Bangalore, Karnataka region any investor is looking for Investing in ICICI Priority circle Kindly let me know i.e.,

Life Insurance Plans:
Under Life insurance plans,...

 does anyone know?
does anyone know what these symbols mean:
AP 894 and AP 1168-2 it's on my allstate insurance policy?...

 i have a life insurance for last 3 years and i have been taking asteroids for my arthiritis,is it ok 4 policy
i am using asteroids for last 12 year and now its really affecting m boy and i wont live long so i want to know does it effect my life insurance policy, will i be getting the death benefits,...

 Are VULs really a good way to avoid paying taxes on income obtained in investments?
I'm considering getting into a Variable Universal Life Policy, and I want to know if it is a good idea or if it's better to buy term and invest the difference....

 What does ACE stand for?


 Could u pls explain me in detail what is indemnity insurance?

 What government agency oversees Medical Reimbursement Account Administrators?
After properly filing claim, no reimbursement or explaination has been received from the carrier in over a year....

 why did GEICO ins co leave NJ in the 1960's or the 1970's?
I know GEICO left NJ previously because of problems with State regs and left millions of $ unpaid ...

 Can an insurance company cover the same children twice?

Additional Details
Both mom and dad have the same insurance company, different employers....

 fell down at gas station can I sue?

 i want to name my new insurance company?
i want to name my new insurance ...

How much does a Triple AAA insurance agent make on average?
How does Triple AAA pay their agents? Their agents don't sell Life Insurance right? What all do they sell? How does this job compare to...say a State Farm agent?

First, it's AAA (not Triple AAA). Second, there are specific agents that sell life insurance only, there are specific agents that sell auto/home/renters/condo/motorcycle/pup policies.

Of all the different AAA clubs in the U.S., there are only 2 AAA clubs that sell insurance throughout the states, Auto Club of Southern California, and CSAA (northern CA). The difference between AAA agents and say State Farm....AAA agents are actual employees of AAA; they are not independent contractors or franchise agents....atleast for CSAA employees/agents--I can't speak for Auto Club or the other AAA clubs CSAA writes insurance for. They make a salary + commission....they make quite a bit & I haven't heard complaints from our agents.

For additional info, go to csaa.com.

The agents are salaried - which means it varies region to region. Personal lines are going to make about $18 to $25K a year, Commercial will make about $22 - $30K a year, depending on experience.

State Farm agents run their own office, and are on a straight commisison basis - assume about 17% of homeowners, and 10% of auto, 15% of business policies. If you don't sell, you don't make a blessed thing.

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