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How long far back can I collect unemployment from a previous employer?
I was let go from a previous employer (July 2007) and have worked at a temporary job since Jan 2008. Now this job will be ending in June. How long can I go back a file a claim through the previous employer? Is it one or two years in Pennsylvania. Does anyone know?
Additional Details
Well I know I won't be able to collect under the current employer as I indicated this is a temporary job. I heard you can collect under the previous employer for up to 2 years (meaning that I would be able to draw from the previous employer in that time frame)

Well, it's 18 months of prior employement to qualify - but temp work doesn't count.

So I think you're going to have a hard time collecting.

Your claim must be filed right away - you can't get "backdated" UI. You don't file "through the employer" - you file with the state employment division or department.

Usually, your claim must be filed right away. But if your current employer pays unemployment benefits, you may be able to file for UC when your job ends. Here is a link that will help answer your questions and also contact numbers for the UC in your area:


Any employer that you worked for in the past 18 months is potentially chargeable. This is called a Base Period.

Your Base Period is a period of the previous 18 months in which wages were reported/that you were legally employed.

Go file your claim and the state will determine your eligibitlity from there, as well as which of your employer's are chargeable or not.

Good luck!

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