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 applying for credit card, does that start the statue limitattion over again?
I am bieng hounded from debt collectors, I found a letter on the net that I can send to creditors stop contacting me. Futher more those debts or 8 years ...

 Under the new CARD Act, will they charge me an overlimit fee if interest puts me over the limit?
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 Is buying credit on games like social city on FB safe?
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 how do i secure a loan without credit history?

 Has anyone heard of Creditors Finacial Group?
So...I have a huge problem with one of my accounts and it is kind of freaking me out actually and I was wondering if you could help me out with this one..

One of my accounts that is listed ...

 Why does paypal say "This card cannot be used for this payment"?

 routeone.co.uk wont accept my mastercard?
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There has been a problem
Payment could not be ...

 is it odd for a 20 year old with a year and a 1/2 of credit to have a 750 credit score?
what can I get and what kind of benefits with a credit score like that?...

 what credit / debit / prepaid card can i get?
im 14 and i want a credit or debit or prepaid card
i have a problem with spending money so i want a card that i can put my money on . for example if i have 20 dollars , i want to be able to put ...

 I have a US Bank credit card that I haven't used for several years. They now want to charge a $39 yearly fee.?
I don't want to pay a fee for a card I don't need or use. So I want to close it. Should I be concerned about my credit score being lowered? It's in the mid to high 700's right now....

 what transactions might require reversing entries?

 What government agency governs credit collection agencies?
Midland Credit Management's call center in India keeps calling us looking for someone with a similar name as my wife's. Different middle initial, different date of birth, different social. I...

 can i put my wal-mart gift card on my paypal acount?

 PayDay Loans, Virginia?
Unfortunately, I had taken out 5 payday loans and was borrowing from one to pay another and another. Due to the economy, my company let several people go and I was one of those (laid off). I have not ...

 Capitol One Credit Card Interest Rate?
If I pay my balance in full every month, leaving a $0 balance, do I get charged the 24.6% interest rate? Or any other interest at all? Or does that ON LY happen when I have a balance the following ...

 Limited Paypal account?
Ok 8 days ago my paypal account was limited I can't make transactions out of paypal account. On my account it says I need to confirm my credit card( I have tried this and it doens't make ...

 Capitol One Credit Card Spending + Limit Question?
I don't have much credit history (if at all) and was just approved for a Capitol One (HOO-RAY). :)

I have a $300 credit limit and have two questions:

1.) How should I spend ...

HOW can they do this? Illegal!?
I have no credit, out of curiosity, I applied for a citibank forward card in only my name. i get approved for a 5000 limit, i love it but im a little hesitant to accept it, considering i have no credit. i call and ask why they give me so much money (something i thought i would never do), they tell me they checked my relatives credit and are giving it to me based on that (my parents have citibank and have excellent credit).
im happy i got approved but i don't want it to be because of my relatives, what is this?! they cant do that, can they?

Not illegal. I don't know about now, but it used to be so easy to get a credit card. It may be that way for non-college students.

Something is fishy. They shouldn't be able to check your relative's credit, other than the account history with Citibank. But that certainly is criteria to extend credit to you.

Chris A
Have you checked your credit report or did you assume you have no credit? Your parents may have made you an authorized user on their cards. As for Citi, they can check their customers' credit any time they want, for any reason. They may have taken your relatives' credit into account, or the creditworthiness of their customers in your ZIP code, or people with your first name, or anything else other than race, religion, and sex.

Why are you hesitant to accept a credit card with a fantastic credit limit? This is a Good Thing. Approach it rationally ... will accepting a credit card help you or hurt you? I cannot think of any way in which just accepting it could hurt you, unless it has an annual fee. And even then, the benefits can outweigh that cost.

My Take on It
That is very odd unless you had your parents cosign.

It is legal if they want to give you a 5k limit, but it makes no sense. Do you have a job? Usually, they want to see proof of income if you are under 21 and haven't had credit yet.

The only way they could check your parents credit is if your parents were cosigning or somehow are on the application.

That is odd.

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