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 eBay Shipping Requirements?
I've decided to sell my white Nintendo DS Lite on eBay, including 22 DS Games, A Guitar Hero DS Strap, and Guitar Hero On Tour Decades. I was just wondering what shipping requirements are as far ...

 Drop shipping help! Where do they get it?
Where do stores like gojane.com, greatglam.com, bodyc.com, amiclubwear.com, etc...get there clothing? Do they buy from drop shippers? Or are they actually big companies that purchase wholesale and ...

 What corporate business behaviours are criminal ?
Recently in Australia the chief executive of a National clothing icon, Pacific Brands, provided herself a 170 per cent pay hike and then sacked 1800 before moving the manufacturing to China.


 How Long Does It Take To Become A CEO?
Hello Im 16 and Im thinking of becoming a CEO or a Dentist and I Know That it will take 8 years to become a Dentist. But I Was wondering how long does it take to become a CEO after you get yoour MBA...

 Does anyone know of any way to communicate with the office of Bill Gates?
I know this sounds crazy, but I was wondering if there was perhaps a business email or phone number anyone knows. My agency is wanting to do a fundraiser through the Microsoft Corporation. It'...

 How often does the CEO of a public company show up to the office?
The CEO is the person that runs the company right but what do they do on a day to day basis, do they show up everyday or do they just have the COO/President run the company and if they do, what does ...

 If Google and Yahoo merged, what would you name this company?
Gahoogle! =)...

 who wants to boycott AIG?
bonus to ...

 Why there is Circuit in Share Market?

 Where does an entrepreneur find investors to help produce and advertise multiple products?
When an entrepreneur first invents something, how does he or she manage to make the first sales?

I mean more on a technological level such as Bill Gates; obviously he did not go door to ...

 What is a good preview of “The Essays of Warren Buffett: Lessons for Corporate America ”?

 What is the most evil corporation in the world?
FOX News for it's overt lies?
PBS for supporting establishment lies?
Chase Manhattan for involvement in financial meltdown?
Others think GE with it's heavy involvement with ...

 What are the consequences of the end of General Motors?
To your community?
To your County?
To your State?
To the World?

Although i live in Europe i'm worried!...

 When the recession will end?
Do you really think it is a recession or is it a tactic from the Goverment to make us think there is a recession as soon as the Goverment says that it ends people will start buying and the recession ...

 What do local companies pay for domestic oil from our wells? Does U. S. companies export oil?

 Has anyone ever dealt with National Enterprise Systems (Collection Agency)?
These ppl called me and were threatening to have me arrested and to garnish my wages. They wanted my bank account info so they could take the money out or they were taking me to court. Has anyone ...

 analyse the three measures adopted by the producers in india to expand the market for their goods in the 19th ?

 What is the salary of a B & B laborer for Norfolk Southern?
What is the salary of a B & B laborer for Norfolk Southern? I searched on their website and wasn't able to find any details. I really appreciate any information....

 Where are ebay's manufacturing plant?
Please also include the source to which you found this information that is eligible to be sited in MLA format. Thank you....

 Comparing Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac Scandal?
I have to write a short paper comparing these two companies and the scandal that they had committed. How are they similar in the scandal they took apart in? What exactly did they do?...

Terry C
publishers clearinghouse states they announce winner on tv, has anyone ever heard of an actual winner?
you never hear of media acknowleging a publishers clearinghouse winner, or people saying, hey did you hear who won the, seems like word would get out

No, and if you do ever hear anything about a "winner" its either some hillbilly white trash family or some old lady. It's a waste of time and paper.

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