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 What has caused Woolworths and now Zavvi to go bust?

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Woolworths in particular was a massive company, so how could they go bust? I'd expect more small businesses to ...

does anybody knows why home depot ask you for an i.d when you try to return something without the receipt?

in case your returning something you may have broke or returning something that may not have been purchased from that store...idk

Wifey McBeaty
I'm still trying to figure out why Radio Shack asks for your phone number when you buy batteries.

cuz they're stupid

to verify your identity

Because it covers them if you stole it-they can find you. If you didn't steal it-it shouldn't be a big deal-but thats why

just to inconvience u

A lot of stores do that. The reason: they have a return policy of how many times you can return stuff without a receipt per year because theft in retail is so friggin ridiculously high that that's one way that they can keep it down. I know it sucks for those of us who aren't theives and honestly lose our receipts or throw them away - but they have to do that. The computer will flag the customer service person if you have a lot of returns w/o receipt. They don't 'keep track of you' per say and they don't try to figure out if it was stolen either.

†♥e le n a♥†
depends if u bought it with a card....they would see who bought it and if its urs

Ska man
I used to work at home depot, and that place is crap. They don't allow anyone to work over 39 hours a week so they don't have to offer benefits. There is no promotional opportunties within the company, and they even stopped reimbursing employees for college.

Don't shop there. They asked for your ID because they're jerks.

so they got a record of who turned it in in case its stolen

auditing purposes

Jess N
Maybe they keep them on file for people who are constantly bringing things back that they didn't actually buy there.

So that they can see who you are in case it has been stollen.

Most places keep a record of peoples returns, if you return a lot of stuff they will look into it to see if its fraudulent

Megan W
theyre the same way as walmart. they will have your drivers lisence number on file and you can only return something 3 times without a receipt within a 6 month period. This is to assure that you aren't lifting stuff from the store and returning it for the credit.

Mary D
To make sure who you are & if it's a scam then they know where to find you.

A's Mazing
to track they enter it into data base so you don;t frequently return items

they keep track of those things to make sure you don't have a habit of returning items w/o receipts. Makes it look like you're stealing. But it's the policy in most stores now adays

because your only allowed to return so many things a year without a receipt. if you return too many things then you cant return any more. Wal mart does the same thing

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