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 is it possible that the ceo/producer of a big company such as MarkOne Film Production contact you for a job?
i passed a resume to them, they contacted me through e-mail, and asking me for the job.. i was able to chat through ym with the ceo/producer of the company, is it possible....

 how does a company pay people with stock or profit sharing only (no salary or paychecks) ?
i heard that Apple computers c.e.o steve jobs gets $1.00 a year for his salary. but gets a lot of bonus and stock options.

how can one have that system for all the employees or partners ...

 Is Malaysia a net exporter or net importer of crude oil?

 what is Duties and responsibilities of a salesman?

 answer to my former question about problem boss?
I only ask my manager maybe once a week...It only takes her 5 minutes to look up the numbers/stats. I also increase her team numbers and she would stand to make a profit if I won the bonus money. A...

 how long should you keep bank statements and canceled checks?

 Has anyone seen the Carl Icahn Video feed on Yahoo news ? God bless this man !?
Has anyone seen the Carl Icahn(The Investor billionaire) video feed on Yahoo news blasting these fat cat Ceo's about their hefty pay checks and bonuses even in the face of their company doing ...

 what is libor (finance)?
financial ...

 does anyone have vonage? if so is it any good? what kind of contract prices are we talking about with them?
is it really less than 30 bux a month or is it like all other businesses who lie, cheat and steal in fine print?...

 nowadays more companies are sprouting up....why? wat makes a company success?
some say it's money...or fate..or people..or time...pls say ur opinion......

 What other famous, international companies produce Gummi Bears, other than Haribo?
I'm trying to find Haribo's competitors....

 my firms just gone into liquidation?
will i get paid next week? if not will i get any help with my ...

 Why is a group a team?

 Oil Company Brands ????
is there a list somewhere on the net or a way to find out what name brand "gas station" the oil companies are marketing under? i.e., what big 6 oil company is selling as speedway, shell, ...

 who makes more Massage Therapists or Electricians?

 fast food industry employment?
do they hire you during the training process?
like taco bell, mcdonalds, burger king, kfc ect
the big chains
if so, which ones and how long does the training process usually last?

 trade indices for a safer profits?
are you familiar with www.michaelsjohnson....

 Outsourcing of union jobs?
Is there any current gov. or state (arizona) laws that prevent or regulate outsourcing on union jobs?

References would help as well. Thanks....

 where do you think the bottom of the DOW JONES will be?
the stock market has been sinking for a while. last week i invested a good bit in it thinking we are nearing a bottom. was this a good move....

 is there a company that still makes nentendo 64s?
my friend was saying somthing like that wall is it true i would like one and yes i have searched e-bay
Additional Details
tyhanks for the ...

Walmart Receipt Codes?
On my walmart receipt there are codes on the right side of the item that I purchased. Letters X O N and T are on there. What do they mean??

It means you shopped at Wal-Mart.

Stay away from there, very far away.

Seriously, some codes mean the item was on sale, discounted, discontinued, no tax -- like meds -- etc.

Nothing to lose sleep over. Throw it out and never go back.

Wal-Mart is Evil.


American Dissenter
Their codes are not in letters but numbers. A Wal Mart store number will be in 1,2,3,or 4 digits. The best way is to ask a CSM,Customer Service Manager [a misnomer since they are non-manager associate(s)].

Research this
Sam's Club 6625+Bentonville Arkansas

Dedicated to Mr Sam, Mrs Walton, and "Bud" Walton

Go Razorbacks

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