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 what are some problems a us company would have doing business with italy?

 what countries are not affected or least affected by global recession?

 How does FedEx work exactly?
Check out this tracking,

All shipment travel activity is displayed in local time for the location
To display the shipment travel activity in local time of the scan, please ...

 List of reputed companies manufacturing electrical control panels in India.?

 How do Kroger, Walgreen's, ect redeem coupons?
Do the individual stores mail coupons to headquarters or straight to the manufacturer? How are they sorted once they get there?...

 Who founded Verizon? 10 points!!!?
I need help with the last part of my project...I need to find out who founded the Verizon....I will give you 10 points for the help.

I would like to also see where you found the ...

 what is elite products, llc? they said i won 1,221.000.00?
i received a letter saying that i was awarded 1,221.000.00 from this place but i dont know what this is or if it is real....

 In the bass clef, the top line of the staff is named?
a. A.
b. B.
c. C.
d. D.

these questions are no where on the freaking book. D...

 Def Jam Records Payroll. Is this a scam? (Please answer only if you have relevant info.)?
My friend told me that some guy he met told him that he needed to get $10,000 altogether, between himself and a few other people for an investment into Def Jam Records. My friend only has to put in ...

 about buying things from wal marts online store?
ok well i ordered a TV from wal-mart and the status sys its being shipped and it will arrive in a few days thats not what bugs me. Wal mart hasnt billed me yet. and they already shipped the TV. do ...

 what is a functional organization and a project organization? also what is the difference between them?

 I cant find a link that sends me to the alaska pipeline job companies please help?
i have looked through several links i was given i need a direct link to alaska oil pipeline companies that are hiring please help if you can i need link to them only please dont give me carreer sites ...

 who will pay oil spill workers if bp files bankruptcy?
who will pay oil spill workers if bp files bankruptcy?...

 Does any one have a Hotel waiter Staffing agency?
How does it work? What type of insurance do you need to open it? where do you get good people from to work for you. How do you maintain it....

 what strategy Wal-mart pursues?
global strategy, localization strategy, international strategy or transnational strategy?....

 Does DHL deliver on Sundays?

 Can one buy stocks directly from a company or must they use a intermediate like eTrade ?
I was thinking of buying stocks from Intellectual Ventures, QuiBids, Ford and Toyota.
How can i do that exactly without spending a fortune on an intermediary ?

Any suggestions would ...

 If BP doesn't own any stations in America, why do we have their logo?
There is a protest going on against BP because of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. BP claims that by protesting, you don't hurt the company itself, but the local business owners instead, as ...

OBJECTIVE: To gain a position in retail sales with a leading company, to become part of a dynamic and energetic team that will help me further build upon my skills of providing a good customer ...

 Where is the Fedex Location in East Boston?

How long will Fedex standard shipping take from California to Pennsylvania?
It was shipped out today...6/15/10. I need this by the weekend, will it make it? Thanks. :)

FedEx is usually very quick to deliver and your package will arrive in no time- you can go online and track the package.

It's possible, but not really that likely. You're across the country. For that distance, it usually takes around five business days, so you're looking at next Monday or Tuesday, I think.

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