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China? (& India)?
Question 1: Why is China all of a sudden becoming a super economy?

Question2: Can anyone recommend a free website or sites that explains question 1 and maybe explain why India is following the same trend?

Thank you
Additional Details
firstly thank u to all that have answered..

I guess what im trying to ask is why all of a sudden are we buying chinese goods...where has this suddenly happened and why? wat has changed etc to allow this and where on the net can we read about this?

its true about china,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,but indai i dont know.....never seen any thing good from india.

Because labour is cheap and no such thing as arbitration that's why most things from China and India ARE ABSOLUTE RUBBISH but not to worry the Brits will buy it

I covered this topic in a business lecture at university.

It's simply because of China and India's populations. Both countries have over 1 billion people!

Considering that the worlds population is about 6.6 billion at the moment, combined the two countries have about 1/3 of the worlds population.

In business terms this means they have LOTS of CHEAP labour!

Many businesses with IT departments, software development (computer programming code writers), manufacturing departments or telephone call centres etc. are outsourcing to China and india.

I've put a few url's in the source list section (the first two are different!) and wikipedia has some good info on world/countries populations.

Hope they help.

they can make and mass produce items cheaper than anyone else,because they pay very poor wages,thus making the item cheaper for the buyer to buy.

Because it seems the whole world wishes to do business with both countries its as simple as that and USA being the leader !reason? you will have to ask the importers!!! but i will tell you if the same article bought in UK and China £20 or £8 which would you buy and i know no where on net where you will have any knowledge written on this subject

alec c
Massive population with highly intelligent people=super economy. I want to go to China next year. LOL

1-Big population, which translates not only in cheap labor but also in huge domestic market that attracts foreign investors.
2-Undervalued currency that keeps export prices low.
3-Strict governmental macroeconomic controls (currency, interest rates etc.)
4-Lack of corporate ethics, intellectual property rights protection, employees rights etc., which allows companies to focus on producing as much as possible.
5-Unlimited funding for large state owned enterprises from local banks that allows them to expand faster than in a market economy.

Cheap Labour, no human rights, strict government controls. I wanted a product manufactured in uk -£18.99. I can have a slightly better version made , packaged and delivered to Uk from China for £ 7.00. That's your answer. Denim Jeans £2.50 a pair delivered. Get the picture and India is the same.

mini metro
They both have huge populations, desperately in need of work. India has a very large English-speaking population and it's the world's largest democracy... so why is the West bending over backwards to do business in China? A totalitarian, human-rights-abusing nation?... greed.

Matthew P
Because the US is importing 10 times the amount than they are exporting, mostly do to large corporations like walmart.We are only realy exporting raw materials to these countries.Most Americans dont want to pay the high prices for US good but we want the high wages.

The fact that most things are made in China is boosting their econonmy

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